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Topic: Codecs?

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    Is there somewhere in Windows 2000 to see all available video compression codecs? I noticed recently that I could output a video file in Sonar using a DV Encoder. It was included in a list with several others. However, in other programs, the list of codecs is much shorter. Did the DV one come with Sonar? Is there a way for other programs to use it?

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    Re: Codecs?

    I\'m using WinXP but many options are found the same way in Win 2000 but may have different names for the icons.

    Click on the Control Panel in the Start menu options. Find the Sounds and Audio Devices (may be under Multimedia in Win2K). Click on the Hardware tab and then select the Video Codecs at the bottom of the list. Then select Properties which will display all of the installed video codecs. Hope this helps.

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    Re: Codecs?

    Thanks for the info. What I found was a short list of about 10 codecs. But Sonar lists alot more in there options for exporting a video file. Can any Sonar users shed some light on where those additional codecs are located and how to make them available to other programs?

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    Re: Codecs?

    I\'m pretty sure that all things video within SONAR are utlilzing the Windows video components. A friend of mine writes all the video code for SONAR, and I can certainly ask him.

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    Re: Codecs?

    Still waiting to hear on this. Shouldn\'t this be really simple? Link to a site somewhere and download a DV Codec for use with AVI\'s.

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