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Topic: OT: Name of this scale?

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    OT: Name of this scale?

    Does anyone know the name for this scale? It\'s essentially C minor augmented. When the F is included, this is sometimes called the harmonic minor scale, but the 4th often seems to be left out in classical music. Is there another name for it then? I hear it so often I suspect it has a name, and have so little training I don\'t know it:

    C D E-flat G A-flat B C

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    Re: OT: Name of this scale?

    this is an C hungarian minor
    there\'s no F cuz it\'s F#

    Aaron Dirk
    NGS West

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    Re: OT: Name of this scale?

    first, let me say, by no means am I an expert on this....

    by the example your giving (a harmonic minor without the perfect fourth) leads me to believe that perhaps the fourth is aug. which is the hungarian(also known as the gypsy scale). when I play the scale I hear Liszt all the way. upon further research examples from Brahms and Tchaikovsky is shown and that it\'s mainly eastern europe.

    at this point, this is as far as I can help you.
    I can however recommend a book to further your quest. it\'s called \"Rudiments of Music\" I believe it\'s a college book because it has has exercises to work on with in the book and it\'s pricey($50-60) but it teaches everything and how to use it.
    I actually learned the scale from a guitar handbook when I was teenager back in the shredding 80\'s

    hope this helps

    Aaron Dirk
    NGS West

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    Re: OT: Name of this scale?


    Any suggestions about where I might look to learn more about how this scale is used? (The flatted fourth seems to play hell with the usual movement to the fourth or fifth, so I suspect that it\'s used most often when it\'s key is not the tonic key, or when the relative minor is substituted for the tonic, but I get lost pretty fast after that.)

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    Re: OT: Name of this scale?

    (And it sounds good over a sparse 1-7 voicing of the Major 7th of the tonic, I should add, since it includes the tonic and the major 7th.)

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