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Topic: Snare drum?

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    Snare drum?

    is there have any snare drum sample which got a lot of special effect on it ? for example, using different stick, different hand, ...etc
    VSL couldn\'t fit to orchestra music need on percussion, Thanks.

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    Re: Snare drum?

    London Orchestral Percussion is very good. You have a choice of snares and snare ensembles. From there you get flams, paradiddles, press rolls, stick hits, etc.

    Very comprehensive.

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    Re: Snare drum?

    what about a small adjustment? such as strings tension...etc ?

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    Re: Snare drum?

    I\'m not aware of any lib that goes quite that far. Some programs like Battery enable you to pitch the instrument up and down but it doesnt really feature orchestral percussion.

    It might also be worth checking out the new Storm Drum demo\'s at soundsonline.com, plenty of good sounding stuff in there too.

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    Re: Snare drum?

    Actually, it might be worth looking at the percussion module for the Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra. I dont know for sure but I imagine you could pitch the instruments, adjust the attack, etc, all from the Kompakt interface that it ships with.

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    Re: Snare drum?

    As a drummer my self, i found also that London Orchestral Percussion is a pretty good choice,
    particularly for the bass drums and the snares,
    But forget about the small tunning\'s [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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    Re: Snare drum?

    In the mean time, go to http://gtown.has.it/ and download the snares there in Giga format. They\'re free!

    No small tunings, but many velocity layers and natural reverb. Very big sounding and very playable. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    (Sometimes the server is down)

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    Re: Snare drum?


    might work better... (same site, only new address)

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