I just completed the (afaik) very first recording of the large symphonic Ode for Large Orchestra, Organ, Choir and Tenor and/or Mezzosoprano by J.L.Nicodé (1853-1919):

"The Sea" (1888)

All is done with VSL, (only the vocalparts are done with EW Symphonic Choirs, and zero-G Tonio & prima)
It is incredible music at least prefiguring if not in some aspects even surpassing what we know Mahler has composed in the following Years.

It would be intresting to know what Mahler in his Leipzig Years beside Nikisch (1886-1888) might have heard from this piece, which was published 1888 and planned to premier 1888 (which was postponed in regard to the high demands to all involved musicians to 1889) in Leipzig.

Dont only smell, better really take some time to seriously listen, the composer and each of the seven movements deserve it, while alltogether the whole symphonic ode will take 50 min.
I will be glad for every concrete and constructive Help to improve my current render of the piece.

I hope you will like it.

best Steffen