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Topic: OT: Backup Software Question

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    OT: Backup Software Question

    I\'m trying to see if anyone can recommend a software that will keep directories in sync - i.e. same contents at all times. It would be great to drag one folder onto another and only copy the stuff that is not already there. I\'m mainly looking for PC compat - to keep 2 giga drives always in sync or mirrored but if there is a way through a network, i.e. pc and mac that would be even better.


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    Re: OT: Backup Software Question

    I also basically \"mirror\" my audio drive by always copying any changed files to another drive. Not exactly RAID, but good enough.

    I simply use the XCOPY command in a batch file. XCOPY in DOS has a parameter to only copy changed files. I created a batch file to basically sync my main audio drive with a backup drive. I then put a shortcut on my desktop to run the batch file. So after doing any recording, I simply double-click the shortcut icon and away it goes.

    Here is the exact syntax I use:
    xcopy i:\\wavedata\\* c:\\wavedata\\ /D /E /Y /C

    (Run xcopy /? to get help on parameters.)

    You can put several lines in the batch file, to sync several different directories, if you want. Works with any drives, local or shared on another networked PC.


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