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Topic: Bigga Gigga's Malmsjö - anyone heard it ?

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    Bigga Gigga\'s Malmsjö - anyone heard it ?

    Has anyone heard the new Bigga Gigga Malmsjö piano ? Their web site claims it has 16 layers (8 x2). Are these likely to be real samples, or achieved through filtering to create the impression of extra velocity layers ? (as I\'ve heard can be done).

    Thanks for any insights.

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    Re: Bigga Gigga\'s Malmsjö - anyone heard it ?

    I thought the Malmjso piano had aready been covered by somebody else quite well?

    I think the piano library market is getting overflooded with products....I can only assume that the market can support so many developers....I am probably wrong considering that they just keep on making them! There\'s gotta be some 20 plus piano libraries for GS alone, and they all sound great!

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    Re: Bigga Gigga\'s Malmsjö - anyone heard it ?

    see my review I just posted!~

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