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Topic: RAM Requirement for KHSS

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    RAM Requirement for KHSS

    I have heard that I would need 1.5G RAM to run
    it, or I would wait until eternity before the
    gig finish loading. Is this true?

    Would 1G RAM do it? 1.5G seems like a lot to

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    Re: RAM Requirement for KHSS

    Kirk divided up the gigs in the latest release, so it loads more quickly. One GB is probably okay. You can certainly use KHSS with that much, though I\'m not sure if you can load every last articulation at the same time with that. I can load the whole thing, plus Woodwind Collection and a few other bits with 1.5 GB.

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    Re: RAM Requirement for KHSS

    1 gig of ram is plenty for KHSS. Be sure to download the GS file loader too. It will significantly decrease the load time. You can search the forum for it.

    With 1 gig of ram I would load the following into GS:

    1. (2) SoloVln MW=Spcc/Det/HrdSus/Esp
    2. (21) KhSolo Vln Up/Dwn Spiccato SLOWFAST
    3. (67) KhSolo Tremolo P-F
    4. (4) SoloVla MW=Spcc/Det/HrdSus/Esp
    5. (10) Solo Vla Up/DwnSpiccato SLOWFAST
    6. (6) KhSolo Vla Tremolo
    7. (3) SoloCello MW=Spcc/Det/HardSus/Esp
    8. (13) SoloCello Up/DwnSpiccato SLOWFAST
    9. Solo Cello Tremolo
    10. (empty)
    11. (empty)
    12. (empty)
    13. Violin Pizz (Dan Dean)
    14. Viola Pizz (Dan Dean)
    15. SoloCello Pizz

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    Re: RAM Requirement for KHSS

    What is a \"GS File Loader\" ?

    I tried searching for it. I don\'t see anything.
    It would be great if someone can elaborate.


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    Re: RAM Requirement for KHSS


    Sorry I was pretty sketchy about this and my reference was incorrect.

    The program is called Gigastudio Load Time Optimizer. I think I downloaded it via the Vienna
    Symphonic Library site.

    Try this link:


    Some of the KHSS samples load very slowly on my set up. This optimizer significantly cuts the load time.


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    Re: RAM Requirement for KHSS

    Loads fine with the optimizer and 768 megs in my setup. Without the optimizer, the library can be pretty unbearable. Least the utility is free. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: RAM Requirement for KHSS

    Wow, thanks for pointing that out to me. There have been too many occasions where I\'d try loading the stacc patches from VSL, and the load time would be in excess of 15 mins.

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    Re: RAM Requirement for KHSS

    you mentionned new patches for the KHSS but there is no link on his web site for updates (such a link on the KH web site would be nice)

    Do you know where I could get these new programs by any chance?

    Thank you

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    Re: RAM Requirement for KHSS

    I received mine in the mail about five weeks ago. If you haven\'t received anything, I\'d recommend contacting Kirk.

    To be honest, I haven\'t event installed the latest gigs. I had already broken the samples into groups that work for me, and I had done my bank re-programming for my templates. I e-mailed Kirk when I received the discs and confirmed that there are no new samples, just programming changes, so I\'ve stayed with my custom versions.

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