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Topic: OT: Piracy madness

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    Re: OT: Piracy madness

    Originally posted by Plundrik:
    Perhaps the ones that download these files are hobbyists who don\'t make money in their music and never would have purchased them anyway..
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Why shouldn\'t hobbyiest pay for their stuff?
    I play tennis in my spare time (I\'m NOT a pro...)
    I pay for my ketcher and for the balls etc.

    No excuse...

    Yes it is vet annoying to see so much piracy...

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    Re: OT: Piracy madness


    Of course everyone should pay, but I have no problem understanding that some simply download their stuff. People are getting used to that they don\'t have to pay for anything on their computer, wether it\'s an OS, music, films or whatever. There are actually very few who have any second thoughts when downloading pirated material.

    A guy I know told me that he had downloaded about $10000 worth of apps and sample libraries, and I doubt he is a uniqe person in this matter..

    Where I live (Norway), there are no way that anyone can be made to pay for what they have downloaded, since the tele-companies are not allowed to tell the police or anyone what people are downloading.

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    Re: OT: Piracy madness

    Plundrik, can you please email me at ernstj@in.tum.de

    (P.S. You can find me on the Contact page of the
    Garritan website)

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    Re: OT: Piracy madness

    We just have to understand how the world economy works...

    a) a person buys a CD from me.
    b) I buy some new ram in a PC shop.
    c) The owner of the PC shop buys some nice food for dinner in a food shop.
    d) The owner of the food shop.... etc.

    It goes on and on all over the world.

    Now turn this around.

    a) a person pirate from me.
    b) I don\'t buy new ram...
    c) The owner of the PC shop don\'t buy nice food....

    This is what is happening right now all over the world. We are talking billions of dollars stolen from software companies and taken out of the loop.

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    Re: OT: Piracy madness

    I have mixed views on this. I believe in paying for things. I however have downloaded thousands of dollars in pirated software. I dont advocate it at all but since it is available I will take advantage and demo the FULL VERSION software and see what I like. If I find pirated software I like then I go buy it. I may fiddle around with the pirated stuff, but for anything I use to make money I buy and liscence the software. That way I am personaly not hurting anyone. I dont want to waste money buying useless stuff. I also think that the software companies account pirated losses into their prices and are overcharging in their prices. making buyers pay more cause of the thieves. JMO.

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    Re: OT: Piracy madness

    I have seen pro composers having pirated stuff for \"evaluation\" for years... [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

    There is always something new (hardware) that they rather pay for when it comes to the point where they want to pay.

    Another thing - everytime someone downloads pirated stuff you keep these sites and places alive. [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img]

    Using pirated stuff is a crime. It\'s stolen goods. [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]
    Look in the mirror and say to yourself:

    \"I am a criminal guy - I steal from other people!\" [img]images/icons/blush.gif[/img]

    Swap the word \"copy\" - with \"steal\"

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    Re: OT: Piracy madness

    N8, in my opinion,your case is an exception rather than the norm. (I\'ll be a little less explicit than Scarbee ;-) I\'m sure most people who download pirated material never delete it from their systems after testing and never buy the original product. It\'s a simple matter of cost. So the industry and the sample producers DO get hurt by this new trend. The market is small enough as it is.
    I\'m willing to bet that many users who seriously consider buying a product and then find it for \'free\' download, are not going to buy it. That may be only a small fraction of the people who download it, but it\'s too large a fraction of the potential customers.

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    Re: OT: Piracy madness

    Hey Plundrik, why don\'t you stop being so wordy and get to the point by saying \"I pirate software.\"

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    Re: OT: Piracy madness

    Sorry for the harsh mail just before [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img] , but we need to face this:

    Look what is happening with Emagic and Steinberg?
    Piracy is a major reason for this.

    Look what is happening to the entire sampling industry...

    All software developers are in big trouble because of piracy...

    PLEASE GET IT NOW - for your own sake.

    The world is falling apart - the global moral is going down day for day.

    Just turn on your TV - it\'s everywhere on the globe.

    Maybe this is the decline of a whole civillasation - it sure looks a bit like the last \"days\" of the Roman and greek empire...

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    Re: OT: Piracy madness

    ...it origins in the stolen music... I\'m in phase i don\'t care about if someone copy my album, but I\'m really pissed of when someone is SELLING IT!

    and yes, I bought only part of software I\'m using! I don\'t live in the US or anywhere in EU or other relatively ecomonicaly strong country. I have to pay MORE THAN IN US OR EU for the products in shops and I can earn only a part of what people at those places can. We have cheaper food and beer, but electronics and software is damn expensive here.

    I\'m really sorry for that and I\'m going to legalize the rest, but it will take some time and maybe at the day the Czech Republic will be in EU and we\'ll have euro and (now still western)european income I\'ll be near 100% legal...


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