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Topic: These organs sound really good

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    These organs sound really good


    Did you hear about those? They sound really good in the demos, probably the best sampled organs I heard. They are very wet with the looong natural release though, so for symphonic music and such I think I\'d prefer adding fake verb and get rid of the RT\'s.

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    Re: These organs sound really good

    Very nice! Thanks for the link.

    Regarding the release samples, it does mention that the \"natural reverb is included within the samples. You can however manipulate the volume of the reverb by FX1, and turn it on or off by FX4\" which might help them sit in the mix better with a symphonic mockup.

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    Re: These organs sound really good

    Mr. Ravn,

    These are wonderful, absolutely wonderful.

    Thank you.

    Isabella Rowlins

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    Re: These organs sound really good

    From what I have heard, the Organa demos are very good (although the sound is still very Continental) and I am looking forward to a proper release for better evaluation.

    However, for those afficionados of the pipe organ, I think that you will find that the Hauptwerk program is going to be the way forward especially when version 2 comes out at Frankfurt.

    The other point is that the way that Hauptwerk is constructed should allow any sample libraries purchased to be ported over to GS.

    To give you some idea of just how good it can get, try the following:


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    Re: These organs sound really good

    They also have a Steinway Piano in the works, which I would love to hear when done. The Hall itself, looks darn niceI think that this one will have some beautiful acoustics going.


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