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Topic: Question - Using Atmosphere with V-Stack

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    Question - Using Atmosphere with V-Stack

    I have several pcs running v stack for EWQLSO and would like to run a few instances of Atmosphere on one of those pcs to free up some cpu on my mac/Logic 6. So far I do not see a way to assign a particular midi channel to an instance of Atmosphere. Normally this works fine, because the host sequencer takes care of it when you assign the instrument to a particular track, but with V Stack your stuck with using channel 1 and only channel 1. Multiple instances are not possible except on channel one of additional midi ports. Has anyone found a way around this or is there something I\'m missing? Also, is there any stand alone mode for atmosphere? In any case it sure is a great soft synth.



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    Re: Question - Using Atmosphere with V-Stack

    Colin, Maarten was asking about Atmosphere and V-Stack here fairly recently.

    Perhaps do a search or send him a message.

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    Re: Question - Using Atmosphere with V-Stack

    Do you have the latest version of V-Stack?

    That allows setting MIDI Channels for each instrument...the original version did not.

    Also, you could try using Xlutop Chainer...which should work with both QLSO and Atmosphere.

    Glad you\'re enjoying Atmos!


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    Re: Question - Using Atmosphere with V-Stack

    I use V-stack and Atmosphere. I\'ve run up to 4 instances of Atmosphere at a time - and have been able to assign whatever midi channel I wanted. I suspect that spectrum (Eric?) is on to something about your version of V-stack. Have you downloaded the latest update from Steinberg?

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    Re: Question - Using Atmosphere with V-Stack

    Mine say files version I\'ve never updated it since I downloaded V-Stack a few months ago. I\'ll give that a try



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