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Topic: Bardstown Audio

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    Bardstown Audio

    Today, I received the Bardstown Archtop Guitars (pick & thumb) and their Tenor Banjos (pick & thumb). Again their instruments sound excellent on my system. Now that I have these instruments and their Bosendrofer piano and Classic accordions, I could easily switch to just playing jazz and country music for the rest of my natural life (which might not be very long). Correction, these instruments are suitable for all genres of music!!! In fact I am thinking of backing off on my auto accompaniment to just drums and bass and play pads (strings, organs) with my left hand and the lead with my right. Less feels like more when you have all of Bardstown \'s exquisite accoustic instruments.

    Bardstown\'s instruments have life and realism. They are an investment in my musical journey.

    Thanks Kip for all your good work and service.

    Frank L. Rosenthal

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    Re: Bardstown Audio

    I have all of the instruments that you now own, and I must say that they are excellent.

    I am using his guitar for my current film score. Later, the bosendorfer piano will be used for some important themes and cues.

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    Re: Bardstown Audio

    Thank you gentlemen for your compliments!

    Very much appreciated!

    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Bardstown Audio

    Nice demo Sharmy. I can really hear your \'real\' guitar playing come through. It is a wonderful sounding library. But I often end up making a \'guitar\' part sound like it was played from a controller. You did a great job.


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