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Topic: Aria Player Problem

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    Aria Player Problem

    Apparently there are no input/output meters in Aria Player. If so, why not?

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    Re: Aria Player Problem

    Quote Originally Posted by Sean Damon View Post
    Apparently there are no input/output meters in Aria Player. If so, why not?
    Hi, Sean - Maybe Chad or one of the other developers will chime in on this. I know that early in the development of ARIA, the Beta testing team asked about meters, and I can't recall exactly what the answer was.

    But I believe the thinking was along the lines of what's true for me - I only use ARIA as a plugin in Sonar and Sibelius. Host programs are bristling with meters, and I think it would be redundant to also see meters bouncing in ARIA, duplicating what I can already see. The ARIA faders and pan pots are controlled by the Host's MIDI track controls, so I hardly even look at ARIA's interface - usually only when I need to get to the Controls page for an instrument, and I want to adjust tuning or something like that, and to refresh my memory of what MIDI CC controls the instrument's parameters. But since I'm working so exclusively in the Host program, it's never seemed like a handicap to not see meters in ARIA which for the most part I leave closed.

    Let's see if we get a reply from an ARIA developer. Since you're asking for an official kind of explanation, one of those guys is who you really need to hear from.


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