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Topic: 32 out of sync metronomes end up synchronizing! - video

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    32 out of sync metronomes end up synchronizing! - video

    I find this totally amazing. In this 4 minute video you'll see 32 matching metronomes standing in formation on a moving surface. They're all set in motion one after the other so none have the same start time. Then, as time goes by, something seemingly magical happens - Each metronome begins to subtly change its rate of ticking, and eventually--THEY ALL CLICK TOGETHER--!


    The mechanics going on here that makes this possible is beyond me. Somehow the movement of the surface the metronomes are standing on is the one factor that effects all of them - They vibrate the table, it returns the vibration, and somehow the result is synchronization. All I know is it's amazing.

    This is from the metaphysical site "American Kabuki." If you're interested in taking a look at the philosophical point being made about this metronome phenomenon, here's the link:

    American Kabuki


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    Re: 32 out of sync metronomes end up synchronizing! - video

    Randy. I don't know about over the pond but it is a firm rule here that marching troops always break step when walking over a bridge as the effect of keeping in step will make any spanning structure bounce, if the bounce can reach the resonant frequency the bridge can fail.

    This effect caused the closure of the new Millenium bridge over the Thames where the bounce in the bridge caused people to change the stride to match the bounce which nade the bounce worse.

    It is all to do with the frequency and resonance.

    If you want to see the effect of reaching resonance, look for Tacoma Narrows Bridge
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    Re: 32 out of sync metronomes end up synchronizing! - video

    That is very cool! Perhaps next time a performance of Ligeti's Poeme Symphonique is being given the engineer who sets it up should put all the metronomes on a flexible surface as a joke. It would thoroughly destroy the whole thing if they ended up in sync.

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