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Topic: OT:Setting up Film Scoring Template Sync

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    OT:Setting up Film Scoring Template Sync

    Hi all,

    There were some very signicant ideas/suggestions on this recent thread:


    I am happy to report that the suggestions made (using a DV Cam and Windows Movie Maker for capturing) have worked beautifully in allowing me to successful capture film into my SX DAW. I have discovered (for SX) that the codecs work, using Quicktime as the player (and not DirectShow).

    The upside to all this is that my spousal unit gets a family DV cam and I get the ability to transfer mini DV\'s (or even VHS) to the DAW. Many thanks Bruce, I owe you one - major brownie points were awarded here.

    I wanted to pick up the discussion again to whether I should work in 48 or 44.1khz.

    I have currently set my ADAT references (giga and DAW sound cards, Tango - all to 48K) and they work great but now all my \'old gear\' that I still use (Roland JV 1080, Korg, Akai, etc.) are outputting at 44.1 (lower in pitch).

    Is there some way to \'write\' in 44.1 - keeping everything in concert pitch and then at the end mix everything up to 48K and hand over to the Director. I see the issues of syncing to the audio streams from the DV upload, though.

    Here\'s my set up:

    SX DAW computer (RME card - ADAT linked to Tango A/D converter)

    2 giga computers (gina 24 - audio outs to mixing board for monitoring AND ADAT\'s to RME)

    If/when I render one of the \'analog synths\' or a live recorded instrument/voice to the Daw I use the Tango (which, again is lightpiped to the DAW\'s RME card.)

    Hopefully this is clear. Of course I am just looking for the cleanest workflow. I would prefer to just stay in 44.1 if possible as I, in addition to the underscore, have many \'cover tunes\' to arrange and record (vocals as well) on this project.

    Many thanks for any suggestions you may have.


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    Re: OT:Setting up Film Scoring Template Sync

    that I still use (Roland JV 1080, Korg, Akai, etc.) are outputting at 44.1 (lower in pitch).

    aren\'t those outputs analog??
    i did want to ask what size files are you inputing into SX?

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    Re: OT:Setting up Film Scoring Template Sync

    That was going to be my question...

    If you\'re just taking analog output from the older gear, then there\'s no problem. I set my sample rates to the output format. If it\'s CD, 44.1, if it\'s going to DV or DVD, 48.

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    Re: OT:Setting up Film Scoring Template Sync

    Hi MIke and Bruce,

    Forgive my ignorance on this issue. The Director will give me a mini DV with Timecode burned it. I then capture that and import it into a track in SX (audio extracted to seperate track). In that scenario, can I just continue to work in 44.1 Khz? Then when I am all done writing the sequences/cues I do a final mix in 48 khz.

    I guess that leads to one more question. What format do you give your music back to the director? Because film is 48K you can\'t just give him mixes in 44.1 khz on a CD, right?

    Please let me know if you need any more information/clarification from me.

    Many thanks again.


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    Re: OT:Setting up Film Scoring Template Sync

    Sorry - I am the idiot!!!!

    I just discovered that my sample rate was \'locked\' on the two giga puters\' soundcards.

    All pitches are now fine (analog and digital) at 48K.

    As far as mixing for the Director, I guess that is really a question for him as to \'how\' he would like the music.

    Thanks again everyone for the ongoing help. I appreciate it.


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