I do cues for various others when they're in a bind and recently found criticism on the reality of my demos. Admittedly, I find it takes "work" to get Garritan Samples to sound good whereas some sample libraries bring it in the samples. I rarely get to be present when recordings are made so I don't get that immediate and valuable feed back anymore. I appreciate and Finale/Garritan user advice to improve my playback rendering to audio. I'm guilty of too much room as a rule perhaps hoping to mask some of the tinny qualities...forget percussion as I find the sample set almost unusable except for modest tymps.

Some ideas written would be very different when player and/or directed to real performers. That is a bridge too cross and always keep in mind. The problem I have is writing to "make" the samples sound good which in turn makes the score inaccurate. A double edged sword. Please listen and comment freely:

www.mariermusic.com look for the "orchestration" link below...note, my pop music auto plays upon landing at the site but also stop hen clicking thru. Listen to as many as care to, but mention the piece when commenting.

I sincerely appreciate this forum and the folks here and I thank you.