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Topic: World Instruments Test Demo - Just for Practice

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    World Instruments Test Demo - Just for Practice

    Here is something I came up with. It is a very short demo and for practice purposes only. What you think so far? These are some neat instruments and are going to add a lot of difference to my typical way of composing things... gotta get a lot of practice using these.

    EDIT: LOL, it's a start.

    Libraries used:
    - Garritan World Instruments (Erhu, Dulcimer, Wirestrung Harp)
    - Garritan Personal Orchestra (Lush Cellos Section)



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    Re: World Instruments Test Demo - Just for Practice

    Nice, Richard - You're off and running with your new dream of an instrument collection. It sounds very nice, and I like the way you mixed the audio of the waves in the opening.

    Could you please list the specific instruments you used for this? I was surprised to see you list the Cellos from IO - they're so low in the mix as to be an interesting bed to the sound, but I wouldn't have recognized them. What are the World instruments you use? There are several dulcimer-like instruments like what you've used, but what is the melodic lead?


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    Re: World Instruments Test Demo - Just for Practice

    Hey Randy,

    Thanks for listening to the piece!

    I don't think there is a melody in this... I am having hard time creating new melodies these days....

    The world instruments include:
    - Erhu
    - Dulcimer
    - Wiresrung Harp

    Hehe, had to open up the sonar file to view the names lol I kind of just randomly selected them. I did take a quick peak at the manual. Saw that the Erhu and Fiddle are kind of like Violins, there was one more but I can't remember.

    EDIT: Updated the first post to show specific instruments used.

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    Re: World Instruments Test Demo - Just for Practice

    Quote Originally Posted by sururick View Post
    ...I don't think there is a melody in this...
    Thanks for the instrument list, Richard. You have a melody, at least the beginning of one, in the Erhu's line. But there's nothing wrong with doing pieces that are "atmospheric" without having definite melodies. A lot of excellent work is done nowadays in film soundtracks which eschews a melody line in favor of being more purely textural, mood setting.

    It's helpful and fun to find audio examples online of a World instrument when you want to try using one in a piece. You can usually quickly find resources that will show you what the characteristic the playing style and use of an instrument is. Using your Erhu as an example, Google gave me a page full of sites, including several YouTube performances on the instrument. Those could really help guide you as you expand on your new piece.

    And don't forget my trick of importing bits of found audio like that to have handy as reference material. I'll park an audio clip of a real instrument on a track in Sonar, keeping it muted except for when I want a quick reminder of how the instrument sounds when a trained musician is playing it.

    Keep it up, Richard!


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