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Topic: OT: Products mentioned here but not GS supported?

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    OT: Products mentioned here but not GS supported?

    I\'ve been confused on more than one occasion where I\'ve read about a new product here only to find out it will never be in a format Gigastudio can use. Is this forum supposed to be only about GS related products, or should I think of this forum as more of a general area to discuss anything sampler/virtual instrument related?

    However, it would be nice to view content specifically related to something I\'ve already invested $1000\'s of dollars/hours into. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    I mean you guys have to admit, when a user can ask if there is a library in Giga format here and then be told about something not even compatible with GS, that can only lead to confusion or worse, frustration.

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    Re: OT: Products mentioned here but not GS supported?

    Long gone are the days when this forum was a Gigasampler users hangout. Its gotta be the most popular forum in the world for electronically created music nowadays - mainly orchestral but its all sorts really. Everyone hangs out here now so it has to cater for everyone. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: OT: Products mentioned here but not GS supported?

    uh..ok, cool. Does anyone know of a forum other than the lame Tascam one, that caters to ONLY Gigastudio/sampler related products/annoucements? Thanks.

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    Re: OT: Products mentioned here but not GS supported?

    I agree. It shouldn\'t be tolerated - especially not if it\'s products that will NOT be released in Giga format - soory, but it\'s just bad taste to me... One thing is to mention these libraries at the Giga forum - another thing is to talk rather bad about Giga platform and other samplers on the forum too - dooming the death of samplers and the wonderful world of virtual instruments... [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

    It\'s hijacking.

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    Re: OT: Products mentioned here but not GS supported?

    How about having an OT forum created here instead. Unless the forum admins dont want that, because they basically only have interest in GS products.

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    Re: OT: Products mentioned here but not GS supported?

    I\'d favor an official decision to expand this site to support discussion and use of world class libraries, recording and composition even if in virtual/plug-in instrument form

    -david abraham

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    Re: OT: Products mentioned here but not GS supported?

    I have the deepest respect for every developer here.
    While spectasonics is not a giga developer, how many of us have ported one or more of his discs to giga??
    Distorted reality?
    How many of us use his stuff regularly. IN GIGA? (I do every single day) (I ported all the drums hits out of his drum libraries. I now have a killer giga drums setup using the hits from liquid, backbeat, retro,MM, stylus!!)

    Its only been in the last 2 months and mostly since atmosphere that anyone has objected to his presence and posts.

    This forum is by far the most informative due to the high level discussions by gifted professionals.
    I would fear that any limitations placed on VI discussions would eventually lead the conversation elswhere. to a new location.

    While trilogy (the uvi that sparked this current thread) may not be \"giga compatible\" it sure as hell will run on my PC NEXT to giga and if it is the best option I want to talk about it.

    Plus, if the conversation is getting softer on giga and louder on UVI\'s , what does that say about our beloved format of choice????

    This forum has become a special community unto itself. While I cannot speak to how it serves northersounds as a business, the people who post, hang, or lurk are better served by the most open dialogue possible.

    The whole sample industry is in flux. Sensorship will only change the conversations location.
    The discussion will go on.
    Better it goes on here.

    2 cents.

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    Re: OT: Products mentioned here but not GS supported?

    On the subject of GS titles, I just discovered these guys:


    The mp3\'s sound pretty good, the prices are quite reasonable and the do support GS!

    In this day and age of everyone having the same exact sample libraries, it\'s nice to see small developers come forth with some compelling titles priced well below the usual $200 and up!

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    Re: OT: Products mentioned here but not GS supported?

    Would a new forum simply labled \"Virtual Instruments Discussions\" be such a bad thing? At least then I would know the titles advertised/talked about there would not be in GigaStudio format. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    As far as Spectrum goes, I personally am very interested in his products and am glad to read about them. Just think if they could do a guitar instrument!! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I just wish the forum had a section for Virtual Instruments, combining them with this Giga Sample Discussion area could end up to be VERY confusing. As it is right now, just think if someone searches this section for \"bass\", \"drums\", etc. They may get excited about a product only to find out it\'s not available in GS format.

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    Re: OT: Products mentioned here but not GS supported?

    It is seen on forums that a thread is moved to the prober place - I have tried to have one of my post moved too and I understood. I pay banner adds on this forum which is what pays for NNS.
    I have invested a lot of time in the Giga platform and like to see it continued. The Virtual Instruments are a real threath - because it is not for everyone... Don\'t expect that all current developers will be able to create these new formats.

    There are three reasons for that:

    1) It\'s expensive and you suddenly have to find programmers, graphics designers to work for you.

    2) Exclusive deals between sample companies and the creators of audio engines are maybe made just now - to keep the number of \"players\" down...

    3) Exclusive deals have already been made with worldwide distributors to keep other developers (with competing stuff) away from the virtual Instruments - meaning that if a developer decides to create a VI - he may discover that he can not have his work distributed anywhere...

    On many forums there are now posts about the \"death of Giga\" why? Because some people want it to die, so that the VI can be without competition. Just look around...

    This worries me!

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