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Topic: Clunking Noise in stopped SAM Horns

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    Clunking Noise in stopped SAM Horns

    Hi everybody and Maarten,

    Has anybody noticed the strange sound on F5 of the SAM Horns patch labeled SAM H REL - Stopped (f)? There is a bassy \"ka-ka-thunk\" sound that plays on the note. I don\'t know if there is anything that can be done to resolve this or you have another WAV file of that note or what, but just thought I would point it out for you. It\'s also on the E and F#, but I assume it\'s because it\'s the same WAV.


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    Re: Clunking Noise in stopped SAM Horns

    Hey Chad,

    I checked that sample and heard the thumb yes. Very subtly on my monitorring though. It\'s a pretty deep thumb.

    You can get it out I think for 75% by doing some very slight low-cut EQing. On the whole stopped patch would be best, but you can also try just the sample.

    The thumb is not in the close mikes, so it\'s not the players who made the noise. Perhaps I am to blame, standing in front of them and moving a foot. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    I you want, I\'ll EQ the sample for you and post it, but perhaps you want to try it yourself first.



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