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Topic: Advanced Orch. Upgrade ´97

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    Advanced Orch. Upgrade ´97

    Is Advanced Orch. Upgrade ´97 also available in GIGA format? I only saw AKAI s-1000 and EMU eos.

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    Re: Advanced Orch. Upgrade ´97

    No it\'s not.

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    Re: Advanced Orch. Upgrade ´97

    That\'s a shame. There probably won\'t be a GIGA version in future I assume?

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    Re: Advanced Orch. Upgrade ´97

    Guess not.

    I still use some of the percussion from the library, nice sound + \'Peter\' recorded and programmed both close and far (back then!!) but I guess the library is not really popular enough to transfer to Giga. If you batch convert your own samples though, from the AKAI and put them in a patch, I\'ll be happy to give you my Giga file ART files. I did some reprogramming on some of the percussion.


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    Re: Advanced Orch. Upgrade ´97

    I though much of the 97\' upgrade was part of the giga version of AO. I remember reading that the legato articulations, for example, were taken from the upgrade. Was I mistaken in believing this?

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    Re: Advanced Orch. Upgrade ´97

    Only thing I know from Upgrade 97 that is also on AO (Giga version only) is the strings soft sustain, which is still a great soft tutti strings patch.

    But the rest is unique material. No phrases and runs, btw, on Upgrade 97. It\'s small percussion (woodblocks, temple, cowbell, chimes, etc.), harp and new strings samples (silver and Hollywood).

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