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Topic: Happy Father's Day!

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    Happy Father's Day!

    Happy Father's Day to all our dads here on the forum! I hope you all have a fantastic day!

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    Re: Happy Father's Day!

    Thanks! Same to you, if you're a dad!

    I wish our son and daughter lived closer--these days, families are spread all over the country and all over the world. When I was growing up, both my grandparents lived nearby. I used to ride my bike to one of my grandparents' house, and the other grandparents lived only 3 or 4 miles away. Times have changed. I just talked to my daughter via Facetime, and my son will likely Facetime or Skype later today.
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    Re: Happy Father's Day!

    My wife wished me a Happy Father's Day this morning - we have no children, but we do have a very sweet black cat who calls me Dad!



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    Re: Happy Father's Day!

    I was too busy yesterday to come online and all Dad's a Great Day. Between golf and a music rehearsal my day was filled from bottom to top and a call from my son wishing me a happy Father's Day ended my perfect day.
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