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Topic: OT Compressing samples for backup

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    OT Compressing samples for backup

    I was told a while ago that compressing audio files would degrade their quality. If this was ever true, it apparently is not any longer, since most sample libraries are compressed onto CDs or DVDs.
    I would like to compress my audio and sample files to back them up on CD or DVD. What is the best software to use to ensure no loss of quality?

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    Re: OT Compressing samples for backup

    I think you are confusing compressing for playback (mp3) and compression for storage.

    Compression for playback does degrade quality. Compression for storage does not.

    Gadget Labs which is no longer had a great utility called WaveZip. You can probably find it on the net somewhere.

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    Re: OT Compressing samples for backup

    Both RAR and ZIP are appropriate, since they\'re lossless. I believe that RAR is more efficient than ZIP for waves.

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