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Topic: Tara Gains Her Wings (Save Tara - SFA M4 P2)

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    Tara Gains Her Wings (Save Tara - SFA M4 P2)

    Save Tara - Symphony for an Angel (The Fourth Movement - Tara Gains Her Wings)

    I posted a little while ago that I was creating a symphony of five movements for my love, Tara. I have still been working on it. I have been adding passages to all movements rather than focusing on one at a time.

    This is an extremely sorrowful composition to me. It is a new arrangement I did for my old composition, "Tragedy," in which I composed to reflect on the last moments before and the moments just after her parting. This is the composition that brings much sadness to me... I try not to listen to it often, for I like remembering the happy moments that Tara and I spent better.

    EDIT: This is a shortened version to the original which was about 5 mins. This is composed as a passage to the fourth movement and is mean to transition into the next passage.

    Libraries Used:
    - Garritan Instant Orchestra (Full Choir)
    - Dimension Pro (Expressivo 1st Violins, Expressivo 2nd Violins, Expressivo Violas, Expressivo Cellos, Expressivo Basses)
    - Vienna Choir (Soprano Choir)

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    Re: Tara Gains Her Wings (Save Tara - SFA M4 P2)

    This sure captures the sadness of someone passing away. I am going to have to take a walk around the block just to get the sadness out of my state of mind. It has a very full sound and the render is just great. I am going to look into the strings in dimension pro. They seem to sound pretty good here. Nice post. Jay

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    Re: Tara Gains Her Wings (Save Tara - SFA M4 P2)

    It's lovely, and melancholic just as you intended, Richard. It's effective music to set and sustain a mood, and your recording is once again totally supportive.

    Those strings really do sound superb. Like Jay, you've made me want to go try them out more than I have.

    Since your background is gaming music, your pieces are designed to keep going on a loop - Is that true of this piece also, Richard? It trails off as if it's ready to repeat. I would like to see you taking something like this and shaping it to stand on its own more, with a beginning, development, and satisfying conclusion. If you tried that with this particular work, it would call for some more development, and some rising energy which then comes to a definite conclusion. I don't know if you have an interest in shaping it more dramatically like that, but I wanted to pass on the thought.

    Thanks, Richard.


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    Re: Tara Gains Her Wings (Save Tara - SFA M4 P2)

    Thanks Jay and Randy.

    If you are interested in these strings you should check out their full suite at:
    http://sonivoxmi.com/products/detail...ing-collection Dimensions Pro only has a small portion to this library. If I am everin the market for spending big money on a full string library this is definitely what I will be getting. They are recorded dry and warm!

    Thanks for the tip Randy. The original composition is actually 5 mins long. This is cut down to transition into the next passage to the fourth movement which will bring a different rise. I guess I should have put demo in the title. Basically the fourth movement will consist of 3-4 passages.

    EDIT: I updated the first post to explain how this is used.

    *Note: I did get all those dimension strings converted into Aria yesterday. I feel they preform much better in Aria. I am going to recompose this.



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    Re: Tara Gains Her Wings (Save Tara - SFA M4 P2)

    Hi Richard,

    This is emotional, brooding, sad music ... but very well done. It's painful to listen to, which I guess makes your goals successful.

    Thanks for posting,


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    Re: Tara Gains Her Wings (Save Tara - SFA M4 P2)

    It's all been said above, that yes this certainly is a sorrowful and brooding piece. Everything is so well blended together, the arrangement sounds spot on for those deep strings and choir working together. Getting the strings working in aria now, I think you've got a powerful combination at your fingertips.

    Excellent segment from your larger work.
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    Re: Tara Gains Her Wings (Save Tara - SFA M4 P2)

    Richard: Glad I finally got a chance to listen to this. I have been looking forward to doing so ever since I saw you had posted, and sorry it took me so long! I am in part hampered by the fact that I cannot get NorthernSounds to display on my desktop computer, so I have to wait until I have time elsewhere to go there.

    Anyway, this spoke to me. It was very lovely. The strings sound great, too, and I think you just made a sale! For $99, it's a great way to get some string sounds that I will probably use often since they fit so well into my style.

    A great tribute to your beloved Tara. It's very clear how fond you were of her.

    Best wishes
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    Re: Tara Gains Her Wings (Save Tara - SFA M4 P2)

    Hello Richard, thanks for sharing something so personal; the music is pensive and deep, very nicely done. Very nice writing and orchestration, it was wondeful to hear this!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
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    Re: Tara Gains Her Wings (Save Tara - SFA M4 P2)

    Thanks Owen and Michael for listening and understanding. As for the strings... worth every penny. Dimension Pro only has a small set of them, but they are a real great set. Sonivox AKA Sonic Implants did a really great job in purring these together. If I was going for the big expensive string package it would definitely be these. I have heard demos from both LASS, Hollywood Strings, and Cinematic Strings, and Sonivox. All of them sound good, but the emotional and deeply expressive sounds really seem to hit me most with Sonivox. I know VIenna is out there, but I never really listend to much of their demos, so I cannot judge them. Sonivox strings are a dry recording just like garritan. Dry is much better IMO, but that's me!



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    Re: Tara Gains Her Wings (Save Tara - SFA M4 P2)

    Quote Originally Posted by sururick View Post
    Thanks Owen and Michael for listening and understanding. As for the strings... worth every penny.
    Well, I went ahead and purchased a copy. Wow, what great strings! And all for under $100 (US). Although I still have to learn to control them as well as you do. It's tricky to control dynamics, since the samples already have a swell included. I have been using CC7 (volume) controlled by my pitch bend wheel (since I have no modulation wheel) - do you know of a better way?

    It has some wonderful synth patches too. I am using some for a documentary scoring I am working on right now. I will post the extended trailer here as soon as the director releases it.
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