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Topic: pedal steel and guitar

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    pedal steel and guitar

    I guess I am in an experimental mode again. I am sure that there are forum members who are not crazy about the sound of a pedal steel guitar, but I have been always fascinated with the sound. This uses "wavelore" pedal steel and "realguitar" acoustic guitar. The percussion is fairly basic on this because I did not want to distract to much from the guitar and pedal steel guitar interplay. Any comments are welcome. Thanks. Jay


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    Re: pedal steel and guitar


    This is just great. I have never even heard of a pedal steel guitar. Thanks for the intro to it. I'm looking it up right after this on google to get more info about it. It's kind of fascinating at times, when playing with the acoustic guitar, it sounds sometimes like a 60's electronic organ. Really different sound, but I like it and it blends really well with the acoustic too.

    This piece is a little thinner in texture than most of your others, but this was a good choice because it allows the listener to really hear the pedal steel guitar well, and also in combination with the acoustic.

    Really enjoyed the piece Jay. Thanks for the enlightenment on this instrument.


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    Re: pedal steel and guitar

    Hey! I like the sound of a pedal steel guitar!---um,--I just don't usually care for the kind of music it's often used in. But now This I like.

    I'd say your experiment is highly successful, Jay - And that's quite a find, the Wavelore instrument - I'm going to go Google that up after I post.

    Wow--Cass hasn't heard of a pedal steel!---hehe, guess you're not a big Country fan, Cass.

    You're so amazingly musical, Jay. No matter what instruments you use, out comes MUSIC. Applause!


    EDIT: Yikes - Found Wavelore's instrument - $300! Well, it is one of a kind. I'll enjoy it from a distance, whenever you play it, Jay!

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    Re: pedal steel and guitar

    Hey Jay,

    This was great ... a real departure from your smooth jazz joints. But it has your trademark laid-backness and a gentle, but relentless groove.

    I don't know how many jazz/musical theater guys enjoy C&W and the pedal steel guitar, but I always have! Plus, I spent three years in Hawaii in the Navy, so pedal steels are a sound I love in yet their other big setting as well.

    I've always been fascinated by the tunnings ... C6 and E9 chords if I recollect (for the 2-neck tables). So a lot of those glissed chords with the steel are very jazzy.

    Now I feel like a seared steak and a cold long-neck (maybe with some Lomi-lomi salmon ).


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    Re: pedal steel and guitar

    Cass! Thanks for listening. The pedal steel guitar is usually used in a country music setting. It has this very distinctive sound. It has also been used in a jazz setting by people like Buddy Emmons. I have always loved the sound but I have never actually played one.

    Randy! Country music is not for everyone's listening palette. I was trying to not sound country on this, but it is difficult because the pedal steel is such a signature sound for that style of music. It was just another experiment for me to see what I could do with the instrument. Wow! I had no idea that wavelore was that pricey. I actually made the audio file on my friends computer. There is no way that I will drop that kind of cash on something that has such limited usage. Needless to say, I probably won't be using again anytime soon.

    Hey Frank! Thank you. I think the instrument has a surprisingly expressive nature to it. Portamento, volume swells, vibrato, etc. The sound is a little harsh ( it really is not "mellow" sounding instrument) but it can add so much as background and foreground instrument. The tunings can get a little crazy on this especially on the high strings, but it does have standard tunings as you suggested. A cold long neck sounds pretty good to me right now, but since I am writing this in the morning, I will have to have beer on my corn flakes.

    Thanks to you all for listening and commenting. Jay

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