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Topic: The longest instrument ever

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    Thumbs up The longest instrument ever

    Hi you all, (just came from Larry's post)

    If you haven't seen this video yet, take a moment and watch it.

    I'm so enamored by creative, craftsmen type artists that have the skill to do something like this.

    Bach has been played on just about everything imaginable but this tops it. He never sounded so good.

    Watch especially for those "trills"...ingenious!



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    Re: The longest instrument ever

    Hi Cass,

    Great posting; I really enjoyed seeing the vid.

    Although I'm not from Missouri (), I always think most of these Rube Goldberg-like contraptions are just some good ol' CG.

    What does everyone think?

    Very entertaining nonetheless!


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    Re: The longest instrument ever


    Is it live or CGI? Oh man - I want it to be real. Good call on watching out for the trills, Cass!

    ---and that cell phone they're advertising, "Touchwood"---I want one! And I don't even like or own a cell phone!

    WOnderful stuff - thanks, Cass.


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    Re: The longest instrument ever

    Cass! This has got to be the coolest video ever. I could not stop smiling. Jay

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