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Topic: Purrrfect Drums Brush Samples

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    Purrrfect Drums Brush Samples

    I posted a mellow jazz ballad recently that featured the superb Post Steinway D, the fantastic Trilogy Acoustic Bass, and Groove Agent brush drums. The feedback that I got was that the drums were lacking, which I had to agree with. I ended up ordering the Purrrfect Drums, and Brushes, and I must say they are incredible. I ended up redoing the song, but this time a played the snare swirls myself on a Pearl Maple snare. The swirls in Purrfect Brushes are actually very good, but I had already recorded the swirls by the time I got the samples.
    I also replace the rest of the brush kit with the Purrrfect Brush samples, using the GA midi output.
    Definitely an improvement. Here\'s the results:
    www.raylindsley.com/Body and Soul.mp3

    Any feedback is welcome.

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    Re: Purrrfect Drums Brush Samples

    The link doesn\'t work correctly because of the spaces, so you need to copy and past the URL.

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    Re: Purrrfect Drums Brush Samples

    I downloaded it just fine after pasting the URL.

    But the copy I heard seems to be playing at 1/2 speed. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Purrrfect Drums Brush Samples

    That\'s as fast as I can play [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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    Re: Purrrfect Drums Brush Samples

    Possibly the best \'mocked up\' jazz I\'ve heard. Well done indeed. Those drums are so much better than the GA.

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    Re: Purrrfect Drums Brush Samples

    Much better, Ray.
    This time though, the drums are too present for a standard jazz recording. I would be putting some verb on it and slightly rolling off the highs. Plus the kick is too \"rock and roll\". Jazz kicks are felt, not heard. Try something with a soft beater and more of a fluffy attack than something so crispy and high-endy.

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    Re: Purrrfect Drums Brush Samples

    Thanks for tajing the time to listen, and for the feedback.
    Once again I think your commentary is spot-on. There was something I didn\'t really like about the kick drum. I\'ll also try tweaking the highs and reverb (although I tend to like a very intimate sound and will always tend to go light on the \'verb).


    Original Jazz Mp3s ate

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    Re: Purrrfect Drums Brush Samples


    were the open and closed hi hats on a separate midi track here compared to the rest of the drums or was this a complete Midi Drum kit mapped out on ONE midi track?

    A suggestion may follow..

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Purrrfect Drums Brush Samples

    They were on the same midi track. The drum midi tracks were:
    Cymbals (except ride)

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