ok, just digging GIO a little more.

there a lot of patches with different sound in a same familiy, e.g. sting short, pizzicato, sustain 1,2,3, sordino etc.
also "easy chord" with different flavours (strings, brass, winds..) brass with portato, octaves, unison...

what i really would love is to have a single keyswitched pacth to combine the different "moods" of the same sound-family in a single patch. it would be much easier to work with and you can achieve much more control/timbre variation with limited effort.
it was done in GPO (for the strings for example), why not in GIO??

also, I REALLY miss the CC64 sustain control and the timbre/tuning/portamento variations that were programmed in the GPO patches.
expecially for some patches (e.g. percussion) the "machine gun" effect is very evident and having some variation in sound may help a lot.

the samples/recording/sound in GIO are really good but there no much "variation" in a single sound and, at a first glance using this library, it can be really difficult to have a little more realistic orchestral sounds with just 1 single static sample.

How can I send these suggestions directly to GIO programmers??