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Topic: Layer Question about SI Mini

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    Layer Question about SI Mini

    To Mini Symphonic String Collection users:

    Is there a p or pp looped violin sustain in it? And if so, is the loop very noticeable?


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    Re: Layer Question about SI Mini


    In my experience the loops in MINI are next to unnoticeable.
    There is no explicit p or pp sample, but a 3 layer sustain patch, including choice between release tr. and normal/slow attack. And to reach even more subtle levels there´s a mood wheel patch too. So soft playing is truly possible and posses very nice tone quality IMO.

    All five instrument groups are build with the exact same structure with regards to articulations, so you get spoiled with the same range of possibilities whether its 1st violin or double bass. A big plus in my book.. (and a big difference from GOS where you e.g. don\'t find the same art. even for 1st and 2nd violins)

    I can highly recommend MINI.

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    Re: Layer Question about SI Mini

    Thanks Unison! You just help me make up my mind. Mini it is, then! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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