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Topic: Legend of Erthia OST - Sea Theme (WIP)

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    Legend of Erthia OST - Sea Theme (WIP)

    Alright! It is time to put these world instruments to their true use in my project, LOE! The reason why I bought these is because I wanted scores similar to Heroes of Might and Magic IV in my game.

    This is a short demo of what I got so far. I am composing this with the GRID SNAP off to get realism. I find this works best with these kind of compositions. I also think I got the EQ set right for the track. It seems to flow nicely similar to the track below. I still have to implement some more dynamics and finish the composition, but this will be called the, "Sea Theme," AKA Buccaneer Isle!

    Here is a track from HOMM IV for those who are wondering what I am trying to accomplish:

    Libraries used:

    - Garritan World Instruments (Wiresrung Harp, Fiddle, Veracruz Harp, Knotweed Flute)
    - Garritan Personal Orchestra (Lush Cello Section)
    - Diva Revamp Soloist (Straight Toned Ahhh)



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    Re: Legend of Erthia OST - Sea Theme (WIP)

    I had No doubt you were going to be getting very good use out of your new World Library, Richard - Now here's the proof.

    I listened to the piece you were inspired by, the "HOMM" track and was a bit surprised. You're almost duplicating it rather than using it as a more general guide. Your work-in-progress is in the same key, same tempo, same opening. You could end up with something so similar that the casual listener wouldn't know the difference. Is that what you want-? I think you could use the HOMM reference as more of a starting point of inspiration, but come up with music that's more original, more your own.

    But, certainly off to a great start with World.


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    Re: Legend of Erthia OST - Sea Theme (WIP)

    It's a great start, Richard. The instruments give it that exotic feeling you're looking for. Seems the World Instruments was a great buy for you as you're instantly putting it to great use.

    Looking forward to hearing more as it develops.
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    Re: Legend of Erthia OST - Sea Theme (WIP)

    Thanks! Indeed it is pretty close, I had to get that urge I was looking for and how it would sound with the world instruments, and I think GWI is a pretty spitting image of how those instruments in the HOMM IV video! I am glad you noticed though It means it worked! The final works will be much different. I have already added much more variety to the composition. It has a nice little pub-like tune after this part. The opening will be different too. I am just so happy these instruments are really doing a great job.

    Thanks Graham! This is definitely a unique and different way of composing for me. I'm glad you like the piece! It's going to be fun getting more of this type of music in LOE!



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