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Topic: String (of) Laments

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    String (of) Laments

    As many string libraries as I own, I find few contain short staccato samples with which I can do fast running lines (like you hear in Mendelssohn\'s Overture to A Midsummer\'s Night Dream). The only library I have that I can do this with is MV Symphonic Orchestra Strings. (I think the program is 11 Stacc violins.)

    I enjoy the Garritan Strings collection, but I can\'t find a string sample that will permit me to do these runs. The mf sul tasto spiccato comes close, but it is too soft for these runs. (However, the sul tasto sample is very nice and lends itself to light and lyrical playing.) The lack of a fast staccato violins sample is my one deep disappointment with Garritan Strings. I have tried layering the MV 11 stacc violins with the Garritan sul tasto spiccato, but I think I hear phasing problems in the mix.

    The Garritan strings upgrade (i.e. the aggressive string upgrades for viola, contrabass, and cello sections) was a joy to receive. Will there be anything like this for violins?

    I find nothing in the (older) Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Strings String collection that enables me to do this. (Maybe the Kirk Hunter Solo Strings will have this.) I don\'t have the Symphonic Implants strings, so I can\'t comment on it. (Anyone care to comment on behalf of Symphonic Implants?)

    The DD solo strings come up short too. It doesn\'t seem possible to make fast runs with either the violin, viola, or cello. The staccato or spiccato samples seem much to long for this kind of run. (They come up short because the samples are too long! What irony!)

    With all the new libraries coming out, I wonder if this very fundamental sample will be included.

    I wonder if I\'ll find this in the Kirk Hunter solo strings or the London Solo Strings. Anyone care to comment on this?

    Pardon my plaint.
    It\'s so late and I\'m beginning to hallucinate.


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    Re: String (of) Laments

    I have the same complaint.

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    Re: String (of) Laments

    You\'ll find these types of things in the solo strings. However, in the following link, are these strings too fast or....? I\'m just trying to get an idea as to exactly what to address when the new library is recorded


    Kirk Hunter

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    Re: String (of) Laments


    I\'d like to hear the cues you have done with the SI Spiccato samples. Do you have them on line somewhere?

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    Re: String (of) Laments

    AO is very good for these fast strings. It can be done quite well with GOS though.

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    Re: String (of) Laments


    I thought about updating the violins short bows, but I got a bit distracted with the new update.

    I think you can get good results in GOS by layering multiple strings, or mixing/switching between different short bows. Another option is moving the short bow/marcatto MIDI tracks a bit ahead of the beat.

    In fact I think the last option sounds quite good for \"zimmer-like\" stuff

    The SI stacattos are really nice and tight. Part of what makes this achievable is the mix they use, as well as the size of the sections.

    These suckers are pretty musical, so I do like them.

    The marcatos are also tighter than GOS, but they are also loose enough to get some great sounds.

    Part of the reason that GOS has no really tight short bows in the violins is due to the size of the section. So many players, and farther mics, so its impossible to get a really tight sound. Its a \"bigger\" sound IMO that SI or US, but at first I was feeling a bit underwhelmed by them as well. Until I began actually using them. I found they worked fine in actual music. They are ever impressive for fast moving violin lines/ostinatos, when layering together and with tremolos.

    I think the martele\'s on the violins in GOS are really good short tight stuff like Zimmer. The Sul tastos are totally musical.

    If you\'re looking for a cheaper option to get some more good tight short bows, look into Ultimate Strings. These are still one of the strong points of this lib.

    The new update for GOS will add some \"hard attack\" sustain samples. This might help some of the violin stuff. If you use them in repetitions you\'ll possibly get the \"machine gun\" effect, but for anything else they\'re damn useful.

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