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Topic: In a Cool Place

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    In a Cool Place

    Amidst another warm and steamy summer day here in Seattle, I thought of presenting this piece.


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    Re: In a Cool Place

    Nice, certainly feels and sounds 'cool'. What DAW did you use and what instrument library (libraries)? Love the sax line and the flugal is s sweet! Great bass with the finger slaps - cool. Flute is a nice touch (or is it a soprano/alto sax)?

    Thanks for sharing,
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

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    Re: In a Cool Place

    Sean, we simply don't hear from you often enough. But we're grateful when you drop by with something for us. Your "In A Cool Place" was a very welcome thing to hear this evening in Oregon. So many juicy, interesting passages. The jazz club ambience was effective, I think it's fun also to mix in audio with music sometimes.

    The drum solo is a bit of a let down, exposing the MIDI origins of the music more than the rest, just a small point.

    You say on your site that you'd like people to tell you what they think of the music. Maybe it's better to just present the music, not expecting feedback? We all like people to hear what we do, and of course it's nice when they say they like it, but maybe it's better not to solicit responses? Just a thought.

    I love cool jazz, and this was a really pleasant piece of work. Thanks, Sean.


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    Re: In a Cool Place

    Hi Sean,

    Always makes my day to hear some jazz on the forum. And the sweltering weather here in NY makes this the perfect antidote for a sultry day.

    I tend to create more large-ensemble jazz so I really enjoy hearing more combo jazz like this. The opening bass is killer ... who's is it? Very resonant; loved it. Like the brass/sax articulations too ... great falloffs.

    Thanks for the trip down to your basement jazz club (liked the Fx too; very ambient).


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    Re: In a Cool Place

    Hi Sean,

    I've told it over and over on the forum that I'm not a jazz man at all, but I really admire the great 'natural' you display here in your Cool Place. Not only the instrument sounds, but also the very loose way the play and interpret. Very nice!


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    Re: In a Cool Place

    Thank you for your comments.

    Bill, I produced this using GJ&BB, OvertureSE, and Audacity.

    Frank, the bass is a standup from GJ&BB.

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