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Topic: Tabla library - need suggestion

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    Tabla library - need suggestion

    Do real tabla libraries exist? I know there are a couple loop oriented libraries for tabla, but I mean ones with lots of different hits, and not loops? If it doesn\'t what do you guys recommend for the most comprehensive sample cd.

    I have culture and I think it has a talking wood drum or something which sounds kind of plain. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Re: Tabla library - need suggestion

    There\'s a nice one in QLRI.

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: Tabla library - need suggestion

    I agree with that recommendation. The tabla in QLRI is nice. It\'s mapped so that your fingers are laid out on the keyboard as they\'d be used in whatever pattern you\'d play on the drums themselves. If you\'re lucky enough to have a Buchla Thunder lying around, it would be the perfect controller for this instrument. It appears the Midiman Surface One will never see the light of day...so there\'s really no other equivalent.

    I built an instrument layering up the hits out of the \"finger\" position and instead moving from outer fingers to inner fingers according to velocity. Not a legit mapping according to Tabla technique, but it gives you a nice playable set on two controller pads.

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    Re: Tabla library - need suggestion

    A third recommendation for QL Rare Instruments. Though it\'s up to you if you\'ll ever use anything else in the library.

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    Re: Tabla library - need suggestion

    Hi...Voices of Istanbul by Q Up Arts also has a nice darbuka (hand drum) sample. Big Fish Audio also sells several CDs with tabla sounds like Roots of India, Roots of the Middle East & North Africa, and Hadeeth Arabic Rhythms.

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    Re: Tabla library - need suggestion

    Yep... Have to agree with the previous posts. I really love my Quantum Leap Rare Instruments. Check it out: [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] http://www.soundsonline.com/sophtml/details.phtml?sku=QLRIGIG

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    Re: Tabla library - need suggestion

    I have QLRI and I love those tablas. I use them in this piece. G-Town Has a nice free library of a Darbuka that I used with the tablas that was a nice compliment, though it was sampled in a church and contains the real ambience which is rather large.

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    Re: Tabla library - need suggestion

    If you\'re feeling extravagant, you can always buy a Handsonic. Awesome tabla, and the most amazing percussion controller ever conceived. Costs a bit though.


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    Re: Tabla library - need suggestion

    Thanks for all the advice everyone.

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