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Topic: Japanese Music, Sakura

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    Red face Japanese Music, Sakura

    This is my first post on this forum. I have an interest in Japanese music and this piece is a rendering of the traditional Japanese folk song Sakura. I have composed this piece using Sibelius and Garritan World instruments. I have used the Japanese Miyako scale.

    I would welcome your comments.



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    Re: Japanese Music, Sakura

    John! I have no idea how it happened, but today, July 8th, is the first time I've noticed your post! Sorry it got lost in the shuffle - When my post goes up on your thread, that will bring it all back to the top of the page again, and more members will have the chance to discover it.

    Your rendition of "Cherry Blossom" is magical! It makes me think, for one thing, that we've had far too few pieces posted here in The Listening Room that use Garritan World. The combination of the Japanese instruments you chose, and the Miyako scale work beautifully in this - You must be pretty happy with the results.

    I'm amazed that you used Sibelius for this - The rendering is straight from Sib, or did you use any additional program?

    Thank you so much for posting this - I sure hope you see that your music has finally been discovered here!


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    Re: Japanese Music, Sakura

    Hi John,

    I'm so glad Randy found this and brought it back to the top I missed it the first time around.

    Absolutely fascinating and beautiful. I have not a clue what the Miyako scale is. Is that their main scale they use like Western music uses Major and minor or is it rarer like our Phrygian or Dorian scales.

    I really liked your rendering too. Very crisp, clear, placement of the instruments were just right as well as the reverb.

    I'm sure they don't call it counterpoint in Japan, but the lines crisscrossed back and forth with each instrument's line as important as the other while carrying their own melody.

    What were the instruments that you actually used here? They blended nicely together. Again, is that a traditional ensemble?

    Fantastic post! I always enjoy music that is not usually presented here and this was certainly the case with this one.


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    Re: Japanese Music, Sakura


    I, too, am very pleased to hear another render making use of the world instruments library. There is precious little done with that rich and fascinating collection of sounds. If it weren’t for Randy’s exemplary productions, I believe we may nearly forget it even exists.

    Your handling of those Japanese strings is very effective, especially considering your use of Sibelius. As a fellow user of notation software, I am always heartened by the discovery of beautifully rendered works like your variations on SAKURA. The melody sings through your ornate arrangement like a woman befrocked in a rain of pink petals. It is elegant, well paced, and true to the intrinsic qualities of these special instruments.

    Well done.


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    Re: Japanese Music, Sakura

    John! Your rendition of this sounds good. I had to look up the miyako scale to see what it is. I am assuming that you used the world instruments library for this. To my ears, this comes off as a traditional sounding japanese folk song, which is what you intended and I like it very much. Thanks for posting. Jay

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