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Topic: 2nd VSL saxophones demo

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    2nd VSL saxophones demo

    For those who are interested the 2nd VSL saxophones demo has been posted here:


    It was made by the same guy who did the 1st saxophones demo.

    Other instuments used are solo bass from the \"Horizon Solostrings\" and solo trumpet and timpani from \"Opus 1\" libraries.

    The first demo for those that missed it is here:


    Now for the comments!!!

    Ben H

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    Re: 2nd VSL saxophones demo

    Wow. This demo moves the Sax 1 library from a \"want\" to a \"must have\". The fast legato runs are simply amazing. I never thought I\'d hear a MIDI sax do that!

    Sure, there are a few phrases here or there that aren\'t played the way I\'d like to hear them. But they\'re darn close. In one or two spots the vibrato isn\'t perfect to my ear. Big deal! This lib kicks some serious butt.

    I can\'t wait until the Sax 2 library follows. I\'d love to be able to perform a four or five piece section with these puppies. My voice coils will melt!

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    Re: 2nd VSL saxophones demo

    Extremely impressive.

    I wonder if there is a way to introduce a little natural diminuendo to those f-ff sustains. At the moment they hang there with the vibrato, and it sounds a tiny bit artificial, almost like a short loop! Regular VSL users would probably know a remedy to this. Crossfading maybe?


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    Re: 2nd VSL saxophones demo

    I\'m with Sharmy on this one.
    The demo\'s backup tracks are so so but the sax !
    This is getting exciting.
    The runs sound much closer to the real deal

    Great job guys

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    Re: 2nd VSL saxophones demo

    So are those runs prerecorded runs or are they individual notes that somehow stitch together into a seemless slurred line? If it is the later, then you guys have truly pulled off something that I once thought was close to impossible.

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    Re: 2nd VSL saxophones demo

    My understanding is that\'s the performance tool in action.

    Let\'s say you want to go from a C to an Eb. You\'re playing a given articulation of the C, then in a split second it blends to the sampled transition, and then it blends again to the Eb, but without the attack. The end result is a near perfect legato. It\'s especially effective on woodwinds, and is god-like on this sax demo.

    As I recall the VSL performance set has samples of every transition from a half step to an octave, up and down from every note in the instruments\' range. Maybe they do more. Maybe they took some shortcuts. I\'m not sure. (I\'m on the outside looking in.)

    I\'ve never read anything specific regarding how in-depth the performance tool samples go on the Sax 1 library, but from this demo they seem to have done the job well.

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    Re: 2nd VSL saxophones demo

    No sir, not me. I don\'t fall for it. This demo uses phrases/runs a plenty.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: 2nd VSL saxophones demo


    You may very well be right. Like I wrote, I\'m on the outside looking in.

    I wouldn\'t be surprised at all if the \"anarchy\" part uses phrases, given that the rhythm goes wild there. One could easily put runs there as the tempo doesn\'t much matter.

    By contrast, the opening runs are on the beat. If that\'s the performance tool, awesome. If it\'s runs that just happen to be in-tempo, well, that\'s beyond composing to the samples. If a time-shifter was used to match the runs to the tempo, that\'s cheating (for a demo anyway).

    Anybody there on the inside looking out? What\'s the scoop on the demo?

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    Re: 2nd VSL saxophones demo

    There are NO phrases included so I\'m led to believe that the random chaotic bit is possible with the library.

    The articulations are:

    Staccatos (2 variations)
    Short and medium length portatos (2 variations)
    Sustains with normal and progressive vibrato
    Sforzato, sforzatissimo, fortepiano
    Crescendos, diminuendos
    Flutter tonguing
    Performance legatos (normal intervals and with slides)
    Performance repetitions
    Chromatic and whole tone scale runs
    Bends up and down
    Tongue slaps

    Should know for sure in about a week or so when I receive my copy.

    Ben H

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    Re: 2nd VSL saxophones demo

    as the creator of both demos i asure you, on the second demo there is NO phrase or run used, only performance-legati and -marcati.
    good guess, ben! but it\'s not that much. i used staccati, performance legati, slaps, espressivo and sforzati on the second demo. it was made on a sony vaio laptop with 1 giga ram and the final mix has had 16 tracks including everything.
    this should not look like a comercial-spot, but herb\'s inventions are realy cool stuff.
    thanks for the nice comments.

    all the best
    michael hula

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