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Topic: Need some libraries :)

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    Need some libraries :)

    Daddy got paid [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Please post your opinions, I\'d like to get as much feedback as possible [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Got GOS and QLRI and GPO is on my list

    Best Brass ?? I\'d like a lot of articulations, but particularly one that has really good crescendos to pull off good cinematic action type music.I have Advanced Orchestra and it bothers me that there\'s only one type of crescendo. I\'m leaning towards the various Sam libraries because compared to the QL stuff it\'s a lot cheaper and I don\'t see the justification. Am I wrong about that?

    Choir?? I\'m already gonna get Diva, so the focus would be whole choir samples, but if solo voices came with them I wouldn\'t cry about it [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


    And any unique library that you think might stand out as a must have I\'d love to hear about [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Need some libraries :)

    If you have AO already, why don\'t you go either EWQLSO (Gold) or VSL Opus1?

    For choir, VotA will be a good choice.

    >>any unique library
    A library of ethnic instruments will be handy.
    QLRI, Ethno World maybe...

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    Re: Need some libraries :)

    The SAM library is superb and well worth having. If you\'re looking for a fair priced woodwind library maybe you should look at the Westgate library.

    But I agree with Ken. Perhaps the best first step is to buy the EWQLSO Gold library. Its an all in one solution and has a beautifully organic sound. I\'ve just bought one based on the great demos on the soundsonline webpage. They really have an extra dimension to them I find lacking in other sample library mixes because of the way it was all recorded. If you haven\'t heard them, go and listen. Its really quite something and the price is absolutely amazing.

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    Re: Need some libraries :)

    For choir I would recomend VOTA , It does not have solo voices but is very flexible to sing words... I must agree with Ken , why not QLSO Gold or VSL Opus1?!?! QLSO has a lot of articulations and it´s worth waiting for version 2. I don´t like VSL brass and GOS. Just a opinion!!!

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    Re: Need some libraries :)

    For brass I\'d go with the SAM libraries. Even though QLSO has its own distinct sound with a very high resolution recording and great hall ambience, the SAM libraries cover far more articulations and thus cover more styles. Especially the trumpets and trombones of SAM have a welth of articulations that you won\'t find anywhere else (yet). And they sound great. The horns of SAM are also good, but I still prefer DDBE in many situations - sometimes layering both works well. Of course the horns of QLSO aren\'t bad either, although more limited in articulation choice. I generally find the solo brass of QLSO to be much more effective than the ensembles.

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    Re: Need some libraries :)


    Many of us with limited budgets trying to sort this out. Has sample picking become more difficult recently or has it always been like this? Good topic, and thanks for the info.

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    Re: Need some libraries :)

    Originally posted by Joanne Babunovic:

    Many of us with limited budgets trying to sort this out. Has sample picking become more difficult recently or has it always been like this? Good topic, and thanks for the info.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">The sampled library industry is definitely exploding, which makes decision-making a tougher process. Thank God for Northern Sounds. If a library is worthy of praise it will be praised here, and there\'s so many avid users that you\'re bound to get some testimonials no matter what library you\'re looking at. The first thing I do is listen to the demos. Sounds On-Line is probably the largest reatiler of libraries. Also Ilio. Either of those sites will have almost every library that\'s worth anything (ALMOST)and they have demos of most libraries. So I usually sift through those sites and if I find something that has a really good demo I ask about it here. And then of course this forum is a good place to go to find out about libraries that might be up-coming or not well known. I feel safe here [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Need some libraries :)

    Another Arizonan (if that\'s the correct term). Where in Mesa are you located. I\'m in Chandler between Gilbert and Cooper and south of Ocotillo Road. Just a couple miles from the Indian reservation.

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