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Topic: GOS Update?

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    GOS Update?

    Anybody know when this is suppose to arrive?

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    Re: GOS Update?

    hasn\'t been mailed yet.

    an announcement will be made very soon [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    and dont rush it, unless you want me to have Gary send you half assed stuff [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: GOS Update?

    Here\'s a little taste of what I\'ve been doing.

    I want you guys first to understand that this is still beta, its not fully finished, I\'m working through to get it done today hopefully.

    Theres a bit to do with the hard attacks on the low strings, as well as some slight tuning issues, and then on to the crazy looping that I have to do. I\'ve got to do phase coherant looping accross multiple files, because I\'m trying to impliment a kind of vibrato control I\'ve been working with. It works, but to loop, I have to make sure they are exactly the same accross multiple files. Looping is generally a quickie for me, so this wont take as long as many would think, but its still longer than just basic looping.

    This is with no EQ, just out of giga, I\'ve put it through a reverb I\'m going to impulse for everyone. This is do to the mix of non EQ I want in the dry signal, and the EQ\'d ambience tweaks I\'m doing. Also, I dont belive in the way the release triggers would work with how I\'ve desinged these patches. Not to mention it would take more time to do. I\'ve got a little more tweaking to do on the verb, then it\'ll be done. Mainly EQ.

    Also last thing, the strings are each one patch. One for each sections, so the variation you hear in the attacks is due to velocity sensetivity. Its actually very playable. You get Standard \"exp\" control as well as Attack intensity in one patch.


    First few seconds is the real thing, then the GOS updates with orchestration.

    I\'m sorry that this has delayed the Xmas update. Gary wanted you guys to get it on Xmas, but I just didn\'t want to rush this thing, not to mention I kept getting new ideas and little setbacks.

    As for time it will be done. I\'m hoping today, but I\'m running on no sleep. You guys are lucky the g/f is with her parents, I can work through Xmas [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    At the latest it will be done the end of this week. Since I\'ll be able to tweak and play with them a bit more if I do that. Lots of little phasing issues to worry about.

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    Re: GOS Update?

    Originally posted by KingIdiot:
    Here\'s a little taste of what I\'ve been doing.

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">You are the coolest! Try to enjoy the holiday. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: GOS Update?

    Twas the night before Xmas,
    and all through the house,
    Ashif was busy working
    with computer and mouse.
    The samples were strung
    in the editor with care,
    In hopes that the updates
    would soon be here.
    Northern Sounds people
    were snug in their beds,
    While Ashif\'s donned headphones
    over his head.

    No g/f in nighty,
    But some eggnog nightcap,
    Ashif won\'t be getting
    his long winters nap.

    He edited notes
    throughout the long night,
    His eyes went ablur,
    but sleep he did fight
    \"More eggnog might help\"
    he said with a shiver
    \"I\'ll get these updates done,
    I\'m gonna deliver\".

    Now the morning of of Christmas,
    the samples are mastered,
    But out on the floor,
    Ashif lay plastered.
    When out in the newsgroup
    there arose such a chatter
    I logged onto the forum
    to see what was the matter.

    \"Yo Dasher!\", \"Yo Hasen\", \"Yo Z6\", \"Yo Munsie,
    \"Yo Maarten\", \"Yo \"Bruce\",\"Yo Peter\",\"Yo Sharmy\",
    \"Yo Meehoon\",\"Yo Tob\",\"Yo Midphase\",\"Yo PatS\",\"Yo RickD\",
    \"Yo PaPa\", \"Yo Dan\", \"Yo Kip\", \"Yo JoE\"
    \"And Roman, Michiel, Haydn, dwdonehoo, Francis, Jamey, Aaron, Dave and Tom,\"
    \"And the rest of you too!\"
    \"Here are the updates, this job is through\"
    With the samples completed
    he vanished from sight
    But you could hear him laughing
    with all of his might.

    It\'s good to have a Santa
    who gives to us all
    Merry Christmas Ashif,
    You went beyond the call!

    And I heard Ashif say
    as he went on his way,

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    Re: GOS Update?

    Lovely indeed! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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