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Topic: Gustav Mahler

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    Gustav Mahler

    Hi I'm new here and taking into account that there are some Mahler "nerds" like me around I thought I'd share my attempt on Mahlers first movement of his 6. symphony compiled with GPO and cubase.


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    Re: Gustav Mahler

    Very interesting. There may be, in one or two places, a little two much reverb (0:27) for instance. Otherwise I though this was very well done. These things take so much time to do when all the parts have to be played (or typed) in and then balanced. A noble effort.
    Things may come and things may go but the art school dance goes on forever
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    Re: Gustav Mahler

    Guntram! Welcome to the Forum and right away you need to stand there at down center stage to take quite an extended curtain call!

    Your Mahler rendition via GPO is stunning, clearly put together by a musician. I had a completely wonderful time being enthralled by it.

    When these long, complex pieces are realized through the painstaking MIDI process, somewhat akin to doing an extremely detailed paint-by-numbers project, or perhaps a huge jigsaw puzzle with thousands of pieces, - it's so astonishing when the results are so well done, as musical as yours Guntram.

    Thank you so much for posting - And don't go away! We need talented GPO users here at the Forum.


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    Re: Gustav Mahler

    Your work is the only reason I am breaking my silence.
    My love, Mahler, and your incredible work. To bow deep is all I can do, speechless.
    I disagree with the comment on reverb, more could have been even better.
    The work you done is a credit to Garritan also. Interestingly, to me, the woods are great, the strings are better than I would have thought, the brass, well, I am (only some time) hear an organ, instead of brass. Pizzicato and woods are so beautiful, it is incredible. Your obvious love of Mahler shines through.
    My long applause and yelling of bravo to you maestro added to Randy's curtain calls


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    Cool Re: Gustav Mahler

    Thank you for the friendly and encouraging comments!
    As this is somehow a work in progress it is always useful to hear new opinions and impressions.

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