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Topic: Needing feedback - Orchestrated: War Torn

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    Lightbulb Needing feedback - Orchestrated: War Torn

    Hi guys, this is my first post on the forums. I was wanting some feedback on my newest piece (keep in mind this is my very first orchestrated piece, so go easy on me) but I desperately want to make it better. If there is any advice or feedback that you could give me I would greatly appreciate it. Cheers


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    Re: Needing feedback - Orchestrated: War Torn

    I think this sounds good. I would like to hear some more development on this. Thanks for the post. Jay

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    Re: Needing feedback - Orchestrated: War Torn

    For a first orchestrated piece, this is done nicely musically and in its rendering. As Jay suggested, more development and a little more variety in the chords would be nice. Can you also post the score? Also, what is the significance of the title? A little more about the music might be helpful.

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    Re: Needing feedback - Orchestrated: War Torn

    Quote Originally Posted by twilitenoa View Post
    Hi guys, this is my first post on the forums. I was wanting some feedback on my newest piece ...
    My goodness, what a stunning debut Twilitenoa! I'm so grateful you found the Forum, and have given us the gift of this wonderful piece.

    I think this is far beyond "Good" - This is an exciting display of fresh, very musical ideas, and also of some very well done orchestration. Whatever tools you're using, you're using very well, Twilitenoa.

    It's impossible for me to grasp that this is your first orchestrated piece - There's some big talent behind the helm!

    Art's post is appreciated, wanting more information about the music. We'd like to hear about your inspirations, perhaps some details of your working method. AND, rather importantly, we'd like to know what instruments you used in the recording, what sound Libraries - and the software you used to realize it.

    Hope to see you again soon on this thread, so the discussion on your heart felt music can continue. Thanks so much for the post!


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    Re: Needing feedback - Orchestrated: War Torn

    Very cinematic, or game-matic (if I can coin a rubbish phrase).

    It's a little bit Jeff Wayne, in a way. (War of the Worlds kinda thing).

    Would certainly make a nice cue in a game, intro perhaps.

    It's well produced, and could benefit though from a bit more punch, lower end sounds empty, or EQ'ed away. Needs to be a bit fuller (but it could be my rubbish work headphones which I try to avoid using for music).
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    Re: Needing feedback - Orchestrated: War Torn

    I really enjoyed this track. Just a bit short so the development couldn't bloom into its full potential but then again I don't know if you're done with the piece.

    I really liked the ending when the trumpets come in. That lifted the whole track to a whole new elevation of sonic enjoyment. The rendering was terrific to my ears....nice clean, clear, sharp, placement of instruments perfect, great presence to the whole track. Can't offer you much in the way of improvement because for this type of piece it was pretty much right on. Just a bit longer would be it.

    I also enjoyed the track that comes on after this, (forgot the title, through v02, something like that) lots of energy, sharp techno phrasing, again a really great track for that type of music you were trying to achieve.

    So thanks for the post and don't be a stranger . All kinds of music is really appreciated here. Even if a piece isn't your style/cup of tea, it germinates seeds of creativity /avenues of possibilities for all, that's what this forum is all about, sharing creative thought.

    My best,

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