I\'ve been lurking, watching, and posting every once in a while for about a month now. It\'s a very interesting vibe here.

One thing which has struck me as rather humorous at times is the fervor with which people argue their cases on what libraries sound better and which one of a particular type should be had.

This begs the question: why only one?

While cost can be (and usually is) prohibitive, with the advent of GPO this may not be the case for much longer. I admit to wanting to plunk down $5k (or however much it actually is) for VSL, or less for EWQLSO. That musical power which is endemic with these libraries is enticing, I know. However, the only \"true\" orchestral library I have is AO, which suits me and what I\'m doing just fine.

Some people have been bashing on GPO for not having a \"Hollywood sound\" built into it. Well, I tend to think that \"Hollywood\" can be made from anything. Here is something I did a while ago using AO. It\'s a simple piece for string orchestra, clarinet and some piano plinks, but to my ear there\'s definitely some Hollywood-type emotions being evoked. AO can do relatively big sounds fairly realistically. It just takes a bit more time to get \"right\" than people [such as myself!] are willing to spend with the lesser-quality libraries.

On another topic, genre limitation is very easy to do but it can also be deadly. One of my most prized libraries is Spectrasonics\' Metamorphosis, a terrific library of oddball, grooving beats. I used it for this tune, which I think has a nice combination of AO\'s orchestral sounds, MM\'s beats and some synths from my Korg N1 controller. I used it along with another of my most prized libraries, Symphony of Voices, for a remix of a tune from the game Diablo II.

What am I trying to say here? I like music, and wanted to share some of it with you folks to possibly get some feedback. Don\'t limit yourselves to one genre--you can learn a lot from something else if you choose to. And don\'t worry about the library battles: if it works, it works. Simplicity itself.