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Topic: HELP!!

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    Re: HELP!!

    Cakewalk doesn\'t support any 29.97(D/ND) SMPTE/MTC formats. However, you could choose an option as 30D(Drop frame) for the 29.97 used. For further specified, you might find more info in Cakewalk HELP, Keyword: SMPTE/MIDI Time Code Synchronization.
    Hope this helps,

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    I use Cakewalk 9.0, and I\'ve been trying to set the frame-rate to 29.97 non-drop. There\'s only two settings, 30 non-drop and drop frame, 24, and 25 frame. There is a SMPTE-MTC off-set option, but I dunno how to use this.

    I need to figure this problem out muy muy pronto!

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    Re: HELP!!

    Thanks for the info. THOMAS, have any advice since you are a cakewalk user yourself?

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    Re: HELP!!

    Aaron, actually your only choice is to set it to 30 frame non-drop or drop. From the manual: \"The time display will drift over and become incorrect over long periods of time\" but audio and midi synchronization is not afffected.

    Should be fine in other words.


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