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Topic: Holiday Tune - comments?

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    Holiday Tune - comments?

    Hey all,

    I was excited to start using my early Christmas present - a Kurzweil Expressionmate ribbon controller - so I put this together real quick. One of my favorite Christmas tunes, done a little differently.

    So far, the ribbon is cool for guitar fretboard-type effects. I\'m anxious to see how it translates to other solo instruments in trying to get a convincing legato sound.

    Anyway, We Three Kings

    Any comments appreciated!

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    Re: Holiday Tune - comments?

    Very nice. I like the vocals, the pads, the bass, the reharmonization, the keyboard, the way it builds in and out. About the only things I don\'t care for that much is the guitar timbre on the first chorus. Great performance and use of the XM (I never thought of using the ribbon that way,) The timbre just seems thin and somewhat \'harsichordish\' first time through-perhaps double with something (fretless bass, viola, FX processing?) I\'m fine with it after the first time round, though, either the orchestra supports it well (which it does) or I\'ve grown accustomed to the sound.

    But as a work, I love it. Nice job, Eric.


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    Re: Holiday Tune - comments?

    Thanks Dasher - I hadn\'t heard the guitar in the way you described until now, but I do hear the quality (or lack thereof) you mention. I\'ll work on a tweak.

    And thanks for taking the time to listen!


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