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Topic: My first orchestral piece

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    Re: My first orchestral piece

    Hi rJames,

    I think this is very good. Liar liar pants on fire that this is your first orchestral attempt [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Just for fun, wonder what would happen if you slowed the entire piece down somewhat? Have you considered using less aggressive/fast violin vibrattos? Possibly slowing the tempo might also acheive that effect.

    Clearly you spent lots of time crafting this, and it shows. Congrats on such a nice piece of work.

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    Re: My first orchestral piece

    Nice Work [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I really really liked it. You\'re use of chords and orchestration is very sophisticated. It\'s an excellent piece.

    I thought the P string feature around 1:00 sounded too fake.

    I don\'t think I heard any frequency under 100Hz. I could tell the dynamics were there, but when the orchestra swelled, it seemed to lack the bass that really gives those swells their impact. I don\'t know if it was how you EQ\'d it that made it seem that way, or if the bassy instruments were too low in the mix.

    Do you have good reference monitors? Did you burn the final mix to cd and reference it on different systems? That might help you get a better mix.

    Overall, great job. You\'re one hell of a composer and that\'s the hard part [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: My first orchestral piece

    Joanne, can you tell me what you mean by \"less aggressive/fast violin vibrattos?\" Less attack? Or a different speed of vibrato?

    Frogness, what do you mean by, \"P string feature?\" Do you mean the p as in pianissimo feature? I think there is a tremolo string and a string melody. Which of those?
    I don\'t have any reference monitors. Yeah I\'ve found that when I hear my pop/rock/jazzy stuff on various systems major flaws are revealed.

    But I wouldn\'t know what was right anyway. Too caught up in the fact that I\'m listeneing to my own music.

    What would add the extra bass? I do have string bass and a bass trombone in there. Should I have more of those instruments or add low cellos and other brass?

    Its not really a well thought out orchestra. This is my first test of GPO and I don\'t know the method of composing for synth orchestra.

    Would it be best to set up an entire orchestra and then write for it? I\'ve just added instrument by instrument.

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    Re: My first orchestral piece

    Hi rjames,

    I was thinking much slower vibratto for the violins, plus reducing the entire tempo for the whole piece around 10 points on the metro. But as Frogness said, you\'ve got the hard part pretty much down.

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    My first orchestral piece

    Finished! (until you guys tell me what needs improvement)


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