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Topic: Bahama Jay's Place

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    Bahama Jay's Place

    This is kind of an island music type of song. Once you get past my 'cheesy' intro, I think that it will be an okay listen for you.
    Thanks, Jay


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    Re: Bahama Jay's Place

    It's summertime! Oh man, I wanna be on the beach right now under a big ol' umbrella, sunglasses on, sippin' sumpin' cool and tall with its own little umbrella, watchin' the gals go by in their colorful bikinis.----and my wife is looking over the top of her sunglasses at me with a watchful eye.

    Supreme coolness, Jay - And I didn't think the audio intro was "cheesy" at all - Worked great!


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    Re: Bahama Jay's Place

    Definition of smooth!

    Beach time bliss - a smooth beat, smooth instruments, smooth melodies. The intro just reinforces the perfectly clear image you'd get from the music. Summer, relaxing...

    ...or to be obscure, playing Sim Golf on the PC. And old game by Sid Meyer, that was full of this exact style and sound of laid back music. So oddly for me, I'm transported back to my living room, not the beach. :-)
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    Re: Bahama Jay's Place

    Hey Randy! Thanks for the listen. This song makes me think of the beach also, and of course the beautiful girls in there bikini's. The tall, cool drink also needs to be present.

    Thanks Graham! Boy, getting transported back to your living room isn't quite what I had in mind with this piece, but to each his own.

    I thank you both for taking time to listen and comment. Jay

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    Re: Bahama Jay's Place


    You write some of the coolest stuff! I ditto Randy's words on the intro. I find it refreshing and frankly the perfect intro for your piece.

    I also love the rhythm intro right after that. The beginning of this piece reminds me of listening to Harry Belafonte in the late 50's/early 60's. It gets you just in the right mood to loosen up enjoy the summer/beach outings.

    You're music is always so colorful and refreshing. I'd like to know a little bit Jay of what shaped your musical style that you're so good at. Was your family into music and played jazz, or friends, were you ever in a band? How did you go about learning this style, books, training yourself by ear mostly, had a mentor who showed you the ropes?

    You don't have to answer if you don't want to, but I'm just so curious because of the professional sound emulating from all your pieces in this style.

    Obviously, I enjoyed this virtual summer excursion immensely. Thanks!!


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    Re: Bahama Jay's Place

    Hey Cass! I am pleased that you liked this. As far as my music background goes, I am the only person in my family that ever had anything to do with music. I played guitar professionally for about 25 years. I had the opportunity to play in many different types of bands like country, jazz, latin, disco, Italian etc. I think that exposure to a lot of different genres of music helped mold my style. As a guitar player, I am pretty much self taught but I did study music theory in general. My writing started coming together when sample libs like garritan became affordable and I started using the computer more for creating music. I really appreciate the fact that you are interested in my background and that you took time to listen and comment. Thanks a bunch. Jay

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    Re: Bahama Jay's Place

    Thanks Jay. I really appreciate telling me your musical background. I always find it fascinating how composers get their start and what has influenced their writings. You have quite the experience. I'm kind of in awe of it actually but the experience shows in your music. Love your posts!!!


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    Re: Bahama Jay's Place

    thanks Cass!

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    Re: Bahama Jay's Place

    Bahama? It is also many other happy places, like the Yucatan, where I spend my winters...
    Salsa, margarita, laughter, sunshine....
    All these nice things I hear as I am playing your music!
    Great, both musically and technically. Just loved it!


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    Re: Bahama Jay's Place

    Thanks for the listen Ted! I was thinking of the bahama's and all of the relaxing things that go with island life when I wrote this piece.

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