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Topic: Thomas J's music?

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    Thomas J\'s music?

    I have been reading that Thomas J is a very good composer, so where can I hear some of his work?

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    Re: Thomas J\'s music?

    Try www.projectsam.com for starters. Look in the demos section.


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    Re: Thomas J\'s music?

    So I am guessing his real (or full name) would be Thomas J. Bergerson?

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    Re: Thomas J\'s music?

    i think so!

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    Re: Thomas J\'s music?

    You can also find a few of his older demos here in the user section. But he had some VERY nice works out there - which got pulled back because he was not satiesfied with them. This was a disaster for all us who already \"hated\" him for his godly skills. The samhorns demo is not representative either. He did that in 5 hours and believe me - he can do alot better. He is currently creating his demo-cd - with new pieces. But I am not sure whether he want to post a single piece or not. I would sure LOVE if he did so. Thomas! We BEG you!

    Love - Chris

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    Re: Thomas J\'s music?

    or you can believe other people and think he\'s a fake...


    (sorry, I jsu tthink its a funyn point to bring up since I think his music is fantastic, as well as inspiring)

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    Re: Thomas J\'s music?

    Yea, he\'s fake. [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

    On a serious note: His work is the only work of which when I initially took my first listen, I said, \"Oh, he\'s so lucky to get his stuff performed.\" Little did I know, I was fooled, which is a hard *** feat to obtain.

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