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Topic: Requesting a critque...

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    Requesting a critque...

    Well I uploaded a piece here just so I could get some thoughts on it. I am trying to make more realistic sounding stuff, since I have never heard a real orchestra (except on tv and mp3s etc)I would like some feedback. This is 2 minutes ripped from my longer 3.17 minute version (due to the 2 mb limit) the end will cut out abruptly.

    Download the piece here.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Requesting a critque...

    Hi, I thought you did a good job with the general upward motion of the strings as the piece progressed so there was some movement and momentum to it. Also, I think the string writing might be better served with a little bit of ornamentation or variation in playing technique. I thought the timpani was too prominent though for what it sounded like you wanted the piece to sound like. It\'s impressive considering you\'ve not heard an orchestra live before - you\'re in for a treat.

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    Re: Requesting a critque...

    Timpani? Hehe I only used GOS bass pizzicato.

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