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Topic: >>>> Need Help Please Fellas~

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    >>>> Need Help Please Fellas~

    Okay, recently my harddrive died (along with my music), and I got a new one. Thing is, for my usual midi inputs, there used to be a \'VIA Extermal Midi In\" option. But after I had my new harddrive installed, that input is no longer there. How do I activate that?

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    Re: >>>> Need Help Please Fellas~

    If you\'re using VIA chipsets, you need to install the VIA 4-in-1 drivers. Check your mobo maker for additional driver downloads.

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    Re: >>>> Need Help Please Fellas~


    Sounds like the onboard midi port has turned off or been disabled.. have you checked in bios?

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    Re: >>>> Need Help Please Fellas~

    What Owel said.

    Definetely a good idea to keep the chipset drivers up to date. The older drivers can cause clicks and pops with audio.

    You can get the latest drivers here;


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    Re: >>>> Need Help Please Fellas~

    Ninriggs, thing is, the midi thing in the bios is enabled I believe. I also downloaded that driver... nothings changed.

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    Re: >>>> Need Help Please Fellas~

    The BIOS settings really shouldn\'t have changed if all you did was swap a hard drive.

    But it wouldnt hurt to check them I guess.

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    Re: >>>> Need Help Please Fellas~

    Well, I didn\'t swap the drives. I had a diagnostic done at the computer store, and it picked up an error on the harddrive. So they changed it for me, probably messing with the Bios as well.

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    Re: >>>> Need Help Please Fellas~

    You\'re right, they probably screwed it up. They probably set the new hard drive in BIOS instead of simply putting it on automatic, and somehow in the process (I\'m not sure how, unless they\'re totally incompetent) changed your midi settings.

    To get into BIOS, reboot and hit DEL or F2 or whatever your particular BIOS calls for (it usually tells you when you boot up) and go into your BIOS settings. Scroll through the various menus until you find the MIDI port settings and make sure they\'re enabled.

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    Re: >>>> Need Help Please Fellas~

    Well, I the bios thing, and I even compared the settings to my other computer. I believe the joystick port is MPU-401, and on both machines, they\'re enabled. I loaded sonar on both machines to compare, and the 2nd machine (not my main sequencer machine) read the VIA External Midi ports while the main machine did not.

    So now, I\'m stuck, and I need to fix this fast or I\'m gonna get screwed real soon. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] HELP!

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    Re: >>>> Need Help Please Fellas~

    Aaron, can you rush it back to the store? It sounds like something they have done so they should fix it.

    Actually, here is a suggestion; go: start?>settings>control panel> Click on system>harware

    Do you see any yellow exclamation marks? If you do, windows is telling you that it has detected a bit of hardware that it doesnt have drivers for.

    You could try youir windows disk or a disk that may have been supplied with your motherboard. Or search for the driver on the net.

    If you think you have the driver in hand, you can either delete the yellow marked device and reboot, it will prompt you to install the driver, or right click on the yellow mark and look for \"update driver\" and walk through the update wizard.

    Hope this helps.

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