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Topic: Lord of the Rings Two Towers A.M.L.

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    Lord of the Rings Two Towers A.M.L.

    Art mimics life in the Two Towers. Great movie! In episode 2, Saruman(George W.) is gaining strength and has unleashed his armies hell bent on taking over Middle Earth. They destroy the forest and everything green in the process, in favor of a dark industrial world controlled by them. Sound familiar? [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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    Re: Lord of the Rings Two Towers A.M.L.

    Correct me if I\'m wrong, but I thought this was a forum for music and sample libraries and not shallow political commentary [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Lord of the Rings Two Towers A.M.L.

    Actually it\'s very deep political commentary. Most of the world views George W. in the same way we view Saddam, or perhaps a notch above. If we\'re all dead, sample libraries won\'t be much use. Want to know how sick the system is? Take a look at the 1998 video that just surfaced. It shows George W. and dad at a party with the Enron CEOs joking about cooking the books. If we had a real government and press, there would be an impeachment.


    Stealing from millions of Americans, breaking laws and ruining lives=????????????

    Oh yeah the music in LotR was nice, like the first. Nothing special.

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    Re: Lord of the Rings Two Towers A.M.L.

    Heya Nick,

    People who see George W. as we see Saddam need serious help. George doesn\'t even compare to the evil of Saddam. You know Saddam first murdered at the age of 10? Maybe 12, I forget. But as if that\'s any better. Also, he once had a priest captive for some reason. The priest\'s wife begged for him to be released. Saddam replied and promised to send him back, and later the priest was sent to his wife--in pieces.

    Also, the first LOTR score had to be good enough to win an academy award! I think the scores for LOTR:FOTR and LOTR:TTT are excellent, Howard Shore is really something.

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    Re: Lord of the Rings Two Towers A.M.L.

    \"Even the devil can quote the Bible to prove his point.\"

    One could just as easily (and more accurately) observe that George W. is Aragorn leading the freedom loving people of our world against the evil of Bin Laden, Saddam and their assorted orcs.

    It all depends upon your perspective. And we obviously have a different perspective.

    I\'d rather just enjoy the Two Towers for what it is: A great book that\'s been well adapted to the screen by an admirable Kiwi.

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    Re: Lord of the Rings Two Towers A.M.L.

    There are no saints involved in leading countries throughout history. It really doesn\'t matter which side is right because both sides are pretty brutal at times. All that will count in the end is the side that wins. Might makes right in these matters wether we like it or not. Don\'t be fooled. It is all about oil and control of strategic resources. If terrorism takes any hits, that is a side benifit.
    The question you have to ask yourself is, if we don\'t take control of the middle east, do you really think other potential evil entities (like China,Russia or Religious extremists)will just leave the area alone? I don\'t think so.
    If we don\'t take over the world, some other dickheads will. There is an insane competition between nations, elitists and power mongers to simply take over and have as much power as possible. Power is the most addictive thing there is. That is what the Ring stories are all about. It takes a special breed of person to handle it and not be completely corrupted. They can start out with good intentions to and then be swept away by the power. POWER is litteraly physically addictive. Experiments with apes and chimps with their blood chemistry proves the alpha males are in a state not unlike a heroine hit when they are put in charge. When they lose thier position, their testosterone goes way down and the new leader\'s goes way up and the effect is very addictive. Killing people in large numbers can bring on a rush as well. In the end, its not about money but power. Money is used to wield the power and manipulate the world. So keep that in mind when you see the pathetic lengths that leaders will go to keep their addiction. See it as an addiction and you will understand it better. Most of us can\'t comprehend what it feels like to be a nation\'s leader. It\'s got to be an amazing rush to say the least! And having my post read by an entire handfull of people is a good start in my quest for power. Respond to this post and make me feel powerfull! What a rush!

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    Re: Lord of the Rings Two Towers A.M.L.

    Nick as always. Thumbs up for your daring attempt here. Let me take you up on that one and post a little information you might find interesting:

    \"World War I broke out while Tolkien was a student at Oxford University. After finishing his degree, Tolkien joined the Lancashire Fusiliers as a second lieutenant.
    In 1916 Tolkien was sent to France, where he and his fellow soldiers faced the terrifying new mechanisms of modern warfare—machine guns, tanks, and poison gas—fighting in some of the bloodiest battles known to human history. Tolkien fought in the Battle of the Somme, a vicious engagement in which over a million people were either killed or wounded. In the trenches of World War I, Tolkien began recording horrors of war that would later surface in The Lord of the Rings. Later that year he caught trench fever, an illness carried by lice, and was sent back to England. During his convalescence, he began writing down the stories and mythology of Middle-earth, which would form the basis for The Silmarillion. \"An author cannot of course remain wholly unaffected by his experience,\" Tolkien acknowledged, but he strongly denied that his story was an allegory for World War I or II. Although The Lord of the Rings was written during World War II and follows the rise of a great evil threatening to envelop the world, the ring was not meant to symbolize the atomic bomb. Likewise, the characters Sauron and Saruman, although both tyrants, are imaginary characters and are not meant to represent Hitler or Stalin. As professor Daniel Timmons notes, the beginnings, the processes, and the ends of The Lord of the Rings and World War II are wholly different. In the foreword to the second edition of The Lord of the Rings, Tolkien wrote, \"By 1918, all but one of my close friends were dead.\" The reader cannot help but notice that the Dead Marshes of Mordor is eerily reminiscent of World War I\'s Western Front and its utter devastation of life.\"

    Love - Chris

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    Re: Lord of the Rings Two Towers A.M.L.

    Well said dave. Yes everything can be viewed from different angles. Merry Christmas to all.

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    Re: Lord of the Rings Two Towers A.M.L.

    Originally posted by David Govett:
    It is all about oil and control of strategic resources. If terrorism takes any hits, that is a side benifit.
    The question you have to ask yourself is, if we don\'t take control of the middle east, do you really think other potential evil entities (like China,Russia or Religious extremists)will just leave the area alone? I don\'t think so.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Despite all my might in trying to not respond to a political discussion on a gigastudio forum.....I am about to fail.........we\'re among friends and colleagues right?......so there is one thing I have to respond to and that is the part of your statement quoted above David. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] (I am smiling...really)
    The war in Iraq is not about oil. I get so tired of hearing from people who think it is. First of all........the two countries that drill most all the oil in Iraq are France and Russia. Not Iraq. They only drill a little bit there....ironically. Hence the reason France & Russia are so against the war....they think their holds on Iraqi drilling will be lost. But.....no.....if we wanted the oil it would be a whole lot cheaper to just buy it. Much less than the cost of a war by any stretch. This is about freedom and trying to learn from mistakes of the past....and stopping evil dictators before they rise to the level of Hitler. These people want Isreal and the US (because we support them) dead. They don\'t like our religion...they don\'t like our freedoms....they don\'t like our lifestyle......and to them this is a religious war to fight to the death. At least.....that is the story the feed to their people.....all while hijacking a peaceful religion to stir up hate. To take a quote from General Swartzkopf when asked how do you fight an enemy who is willing to die for their cause? He said, \"You accomidate them.\"

    Anyway.........so....how about them SAM Trombones? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Lord of the Rings Two Towers A.M.L.

    The minute I start to think about this stuff, the minute I feel like I should shoot myself in the head.

    Atleast I\'d be better off.

    no pwer mongers, no oil, no political issues...no deciding which sample library will be best.

    well, of course thats because I dont believe in hell. If I end up there, I\'ll be stuff tuning libraries for eternity.

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