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Topic: Change of Pace

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    Change of Pace

    As I said in another post I haven't been around much because I am trying very hard to learn the craft of composition in a methodical way and it is taking up all my available time. I hope to be listening and posting again soon. I don't know that my compositions will be any better but it is a more satisfying experience for me. It has taken me back to my native instrument, which is guitar, because I can sight read the musical ideas that I conceive. But I have to say that I went back even further last night when I took my daughter to see Michael McDonald. He doesn't have the vocal chops he once had but I love his percussive style of piano. He was with some great musicians, most of whom do session work in Nashville in addition to producing and recording. And I am just amazed at how this music still gets me going. I have lived on a fairly steady diet of classical music for some time and I am struck by how the music last night seems to appeal to an entirely different set of musical sensibilities, those which brought me to music in the first instance. I never not want to lose touch with that part of me and last night reminded me why.

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    Re: Change of Pace

    Quote Originally Posted by RichardMc View Post
    ...I never not want to lose touch with that part of me and last night reminded me why.
    This is a great post, Richard. I totally endorse your desire to never lose touch with your connection to the music you resonate to. Michael McDonald is a great talent, and I'd have to pity anyone who can't appreciate what he does.

    There's so much music that touches the soul which has emerged from that huge "popular music" category. Different people will prefer different specific genres of popular music, all different styles and eras, but the vast majority of people will always point to pop music of one kind or another when they're asked what music they like. The relative simplicity and drive of pop music has more power to connect with the public than anything ever written by any classical composer you can name. That's the simple fact that can drive some music students crazy - but them's the facts.

    Thanks for the post, Richard.


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