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Topic: OT: New Spectrasonics synth?

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    OT: New Spectrasonics synth?

    Sorry about the off topic post, but this is the only way I know to get hold of Eric.

    I\'m wondering if there are any softsynths in the works that are more similar to a keyboard like the Korg Trident LE? When you select a patch on the Trident, or even on an old synth like my Yamaha CS1X, there is more to it than the sound. There are arpeggiators, effects and other components to the sounds. So it is very convenient to just cycle through the presets and jam. This kind of stirs the creative juices and you can make modifications from there. I know that I can combine plugin effects, arpeggiators and an existing softsynth or sampler for the sound, but that does not give you the \"package\".

    How about it Eric? Anything like this in the works that you can talk about?

    -- Martin

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    Re: OT: New Spectrasonics synth?

    We have lots of cool new things in the works....Atmosphere, Stylus and Trilogy are just the beginning.

    That\'s about all I can say for now!


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    Re: OT: New Spectrasonics synth?

    Thanks, Eric. I\'ll take that as a yes [grin].

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    -- Martin

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