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Topic: marimbas, xylophones, log drums.

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    marimbas, xylophones, log drums.

    IS there a library that focuses on pit percussion like this?

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    Re: marimbas, xylophones, log drums.

    VSL Percussion has everything you listed, and is also the largest percussion library I\'m aware of for orch stuff. Beautiful beautiful stuff. VERY happy I bought it.


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    Re: marimbas, xylophones, log drums.

    VSL Mallets is amazing ,though no log drum..you`d be looking at Heart of Africa maybe?

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    Re: marimbas, xylophones, log drums.

    Thanks guys. All I\'ve been hearing about lately is EWQL. When I first saw VSL I thought it was gonna be really good. So how do the 2 measure up, in regards to perc, brass, and strings?

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    Re: marimbas, xylophones, log drums.

    VSL percussion is very good stuff. Highly recommended!! I\'m scoring probably 80% of my current project with it...just did an entire scene with nothing but various bowed percussion, and it\'s all I could have hoped for!!

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    Re: marimbas, xylophones, log drums.

    I love Ultimate Marimba and Vibes by Christian + Lane:

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    Re: marimbas, xylophones, log drums.

    Bruce and Devon,

    Are you guys referring to the VSL First, or Pro Edition, or both? (regarding the percussion being so good)


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    Re: marimbas, xylophones, log drums.

    VSL First is very good, but from what I can see they hit a homerun with Pro (I\'ll be upgrading within the next few months.) The first edition percussion is top drawer - very authenic.


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    Re: marimbas, xylophones, log drums.

    Yes, Pro is very good, and I did start with First as well, which is also very good.

    I was actually quite disappointed with QLSO\'s Percussion in regards to lack of variety specifically. I would have figured there would be more.

    And yes, there is log drums in VSL. Check the articulation list.

    Log drum - PRO - Log drum, played with soft, medium, hard, and wood mallets, single hits and tremolos.

    It\'s near the bottom of the articulation list.

    To me, the sound is amazing, all of it. I just really wanted the waterphone for the effects. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Instant horror film sound track. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I didn\'t find any \'stinkers\' in the bunch, IMHO.


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