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Topic: Franz Vr Sound Piano

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    Franz Vr Sound Piano

    Does ANYBODY own Franz\' Piano 7?

    I think the demo sounds beautiful but would love to get some feedback from some of you who have bought it and used it in the real world.

    By the way Franz is not allowed to respond, I already know he loves his own piano!(just kidding)

    I am always surprised that it appears to be a great product but fro some reason doesn\'t get the attention of the other piano libraries.

    Thanks guys

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    Re: Franz Vr Sound Piano

    Franz is a great samples developer and also a great musician, I\'m not surprised when one or more of his products get the right attention as he\'s known to keep up the good job.

    I have VR saxes for example and they\'re greatly programmed and sounding.

    He will be probably busy right now if not writing you back. I always got replies quicky from him so just wait a bit he\'ll be completely disposable when available, you\'ll see.


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    Re: Franz Vr Sound Piano

    I have the piano7 and I have to say that this is the most inspiring key I heard and touched: riiiiitch resonance, warm AND transparent and very, very playable. It swings! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] My absolute favourite!
    I also own the POST VIRTUOSO STEINWAY D,
    Truan´s Steinway B, Bösendorfer 275, GIGAPIANO, Trachtman´s Steinway C and after all a YAMAHA P120 and a KAWAI MP 9000, but to my mind
    franZ piano7 is the closest thing. I do not have Kip´s Bösendorfer or the POST Bösendorfer, but this is, because I am not a big fan of the IMPERIAL sound.- I use the piano7 for Jazz, Blues, Pop and George Winston (I hope Piano Joe is here) stuff and to me franZ also captured feeling and athmo of the real C7 in his samples and I played the real thing a lot! I didn´t know what \"binaural recording\" was, but this IS a difference. A really good job, franZ !!!!!

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    Re: Franz Vr Sound Piano

    Thank you Sam.

    It\'s good for me to get an opinion from someone who has all those piano libraries.

    I love Franz\' demo, but sometimes it\'s hard to tell just from one demo.

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    Re: Franz Vr Sound Piano

    I still wish developers would post brief .wav demos along with their mp3 demos.(Brief so they would take up little space and not require extremely long downloads.)We\'d have a much better sense of the sound of the instruments, then.

    In fact, I\'d be willing to pay a few dollars for a CD with a few minutes of wav demos. (I don\'t know if there is a way that such a CD could be locked so no one could sample the samples, though. What if a sound was interposed every few seconds--a beep or something--to prevent theft?)

    Would other people be willing to pay a small fee for a such a CD? Would developers be willing to supply such CD\'s and let them be purchased from their web sites?

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    Re: Franz Vr Sound Piano

    First of, thanks for all the kind words about my work! It means a lot to me to hear that people feel inspired, since it is my main objective. Music enhances intelligence and brings peace.

    mp3 demos:
    At AES this fall I attended an engineering panel discussion. One of the engineers had converted a tune into 128mp3 and back to aiff. he than edited original aiff portions of the tune with mp3 - aiff converted portions. Nobody could tell the difference or where the edits were. If you have quicktime pro or similar software you can convert mp3s into .wav or aiff and burn it to cd or listen to it from any audio editing software using your sound card.

    Piano demo:
    I also used the piano in context with my orchestral samples as well as in many of the demos on vrsound.com. This should give a pretty good idea about how it works solo as well as in concert with other instrumentation.

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    Re: Franz Vr Sound Piano


    I\'m not sure how to say this without seeming crass, but here goes--I was wanting to hear another demo of your piano because somehow the sound on the existing demo doesn\'t seem good. I\'ve read many posts saying it\'s a great piano, but the mp3\'s don\'t seem to show it off well. (I think there was another post several months ago that said something similar.) Could I just request another demo? Maybe something slower, or with more types of music? (The Vintaudio piano demos go through several different styles and include legato passages and sustained chords that are allowed to slowly die. They demonstrate a very different piano from yours, but they do give me a better sense of how the pianos can be used.) Again, please understand that I\'m not knocking your pianos, I just want to hear more of them before deciding on a purchase.

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    Re: Franz Vr Sound Piano

    What is the link to Franz\'s site? Thanks!

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